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Off the Rack ~ Fun Finds from Familiar Faces at CurveNY

Last week, I talked about new brands and trends I found at the Curvexpo. This week, I’m going to discuss my finds with the brands we all know and love, including the Eveden group (Freya, Fantasie, Fauve, Goddess), Panache and Cleo by Panache, Curvy Kate, and two relative newcomers not to be missed, Claudette and […]

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Off the Rack

Meet Leah! (August 12, 2011) How to Shrink a Bra Band (August 19, 2011) Transform a Boxy Dress to Fit Your Curves (August 26, 2011) Turn a Square or Crew Neck into a More Flattering V-Neck (September 2, 2011) Ranting about Boobs in Comics (September 9, 2011) You Go, Girl! (September 16, 2011) The Infinity […]

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