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If your breasts measure at least four inches more than your rib cage and you know that a DD isn’t the largest cup size on the planet, then Hourglassy is the blog for you. Whether or not you’re a “pure” hourglass, a lollipop, a pear, a square, an inverted triangle or a figure eight, if you’ve got big boobs, Hourglassy writers can help you

  • discover companies that create clothing, bras and swimsuits for the large bust market;
  • consider which busty dressing “rules” apply to you and when to break the ones that do;
  • see how to make the latest fashion trends work with large cup sizes;
  • find solutions to problems that only a large-breasted woman can understand (and if we don’t have a solution, we’ll provide an ample bosom to cry on);
  • laugh, vent and share observations about life with large breasts. About the Writers Darlene Campbell, Founder

I get a rush from connecting busty women around the world with the clothing and strategies that help us love the way we look. My passion began in 2008 when I left my career as a corporate attorney to create dress shirts for full-busted women. I started sharing my discoveries on Hourglassy and haven’t been able to stop. My husband is the lucky man who gets the inside scoop on everything I write. We live in New York City with our adorable foster kitty Laly.


Leah, Weekly Columnist, Off the Rack

Having learned to sew at a very young age, as a curve-embracing adult I realized it was far easier to alter clothes to suit my shape rather than find ones designed with an hourglass figure in mind. I want to spread a positive outlook of the busty figure and help women realize that the problem isn’t with their bodies, but with the clothes. Never one to shy away from honesty, my posts sometimes border on the rant-y side–hence the column name, Off the Rack. When I’m not obsessing over bras, I can usually be found editing or reading comics. I live in New York City with a husband who reluctantly listens to all my bra histrionics and our west highland terrier puppy.

Rosalind, Biweekly Columnistrosalind

After a sudden growth spurt took me from an AA cup to a C cup at age 14, I struggled to find bras that fit my skinny frame and ever-expanding bustline. By the time I was in my 20s, I thought I had it all figured out as a 30G/28FF. Life was good and the bra options were plentiful. Then, I became pregnant with my first child and gained 5 additional cup sizes! I was frustrated with the apparent lack of H+ cup options for pregnant and nursing mothers. With the support of the bra blogging community I have found reliable nursing solutions that supported me through 32 cumulative months of breastfeeding! I want to help other young mothers who are in similar situations.

I currently live in Connecticut with my husband and our two active toddlers. I love to sew (especially making/altering clothes to fit my bustline!), bake, read mystery and fantasy novels, and do nail art.

Past Columnists

mia bio imageMia, Best Breast Forward Formerly known as Reader M, I am a big-boobed mother of three. I am originally from Michigan but have been in NYC with my now-husband for 16 years. The trials of being a big-busted black woman put me in a special place and put my children in a strange position. I love living in Harlem and gardening with my family.



10635960_10152472481044735_6350490647398583242_nTina, Corporate Curves Report

To avoid confusion I blog just under my first name as my last name is nearly impossible for an English speaker to pronounce. I reside in Helsinki, Finland, where winters are long and freezing with a lot of snow, and summers are lush, hot and beautiful. My days are spent working as a Business Intelligence evangelist for a global technology industry company, and despite all the long hours and traveling that my job requires, I still love what I do! I strive on challenges and am headstrong and opinionated. To balance my challenging job, I love to decorate our home and am constantly planning renovations and hatching new decor ideas. Our home consists of me, my boyfriend, and our tiny miniature pinscher girl Mini. As for my style, I struggled with it for years, but after discovering correctly fitting bras and properly fitting clothes I got such a self-esteem boost and now I finally know my style, which often breaks the standard busty dressing rules.

Leila Breton, Fit Picky Full Bust Alterations

I started sewing alongside my mom who didn’t have much crafting time so really I just watched her sew. Fast forward to 2007, past a small handful of garments I made for my costuming class in college and other costumes I made (with help) for dance shows, and there I was buying my own sewing machine. I bought a very simple model and started sewing small things. Two years ago, I became obsessed with fitting my 34G chest. I make a lot of test garments–some work and some don’t. I like playing with cut and color and sew like mad, most every day. I’m active on twitter and maintain a blog. I live in Indiana with my husband and our two kids and I hope I never stop sewing.

Shana, Abreast Abroad

I am the only D+ niece of the fantastic Darlene Campbell. Thanks to my aunt, I have been educated about big bust issues and have developed my own awareness and interest. I lived in South Korea for a year and traveled for several months in Spain, Switzerland, and France.  Soon I will be returning to Switzerland for a year as an au pair.  My travels help give me a global perspective on the delights and horrors of big bust life.



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