So July has turned into a pretty relaxed writing schedule, but we didn’t plan to be quite so relaxed as we were this weekend. Our website suffered a brute force attack and we’re only just now able to access it again.

Instead of writing every day, I’ve been sewing every day. Here’s my sixth attempt at sewing one of my shirts. It’s an inexpensive, super sheer, Swiss dot cotton voile that I thought would require a cami, but my purple Fraulein Annie bra stayed invisible beneath the navy so that I could enjoy the benefits of super light fabric on this hot and humid day.

I skipped the interfacing in the collar and collar stand because the fabric feels more drape-y than tailored, but I think they could use a little help the next time I experiment with light fabric. Also, I only put two (instead of four) waist darts in back because I wanted a more relaxed fit. I’m not sure what I think about the shoulders–would they look better if they angled in a little bit? Regardless, I’m super proud of the armholes because there is NO bra peek-through there.

I’m still waiting for my grader to create the other sizes in my pattern so that I can sew a 2M and 16M to check the specs. Until then, I’ll just keep practicing on more 8M’s. If you’d like one of my upcoming practice 8M’s for the cost of materials and shipping, contact me! Shirt #5 has already been spoken for.