Some may think that it’s a little early for costume discussions, but my five-year-old has been talking about this year’s Halloween costume since November 1, 2013.

When it comes to costumes for adult women, there are many options.

There’s the sexy nurse…


The sexy cop


For those history buffs, there’s the sexy Native American…


Or the sexy pilgrim.


Feeling patriotic? You can be a sexy soldier.


I’ll admit, when I was 18-21 I wore similar, off the rack costumes. I was pretty slim and my breasts hadn’t yet come to their full fruition. But now that I’m in the “bustiest of the busty” range, these costumes tend to look more “slutty” than “sexy” and as a 37 year old woman my idea of what’s sexy has changed. Even if I was willing to wear one, it wouldn’t fit because they aren’t made for the busty bust.

So where does this leave us? I’m not the full on bunny rabbit type of girl.



I still would like to use Halloween as an opportunity to look my over-the-top best. I find that it’s easier to create a costume that has elaborate hair and/or makeup paired with an outfit consisting of jazzed up everyday clothing. Here are a few of my recent favorites.

The Lichtenstein Gal


You have to be meticulous with this makeup. When it’s done well, it’s awesome, but when it’s wrong, it looks like a bad case of measles.

Betty Boop


Being Betty Boop is all about the hair and makeup. For us large busted ladies, it offers endless clothing options. Your favorite little black (or little red) dress? A glittery floor length, hip hugging gown? Cigarette pants?

I’d wear my PUG Ava dress in black.


Day of the Dead


I’ve been obsessing over this costume for years! As soon as I get the invite to a grand Halloween Ball/Party I will go as this. I adore the makeup, elaborate headpieces and period costuming including corsetry.

I’d love to see what my busty readers have/are wearing for Halloween!