from january 1, 2006 Oprah [notice the fitted jacket doesn’t button . . . ]

Are you top-heavy like Adoree? Like most top-heavy women, Adoree chose to wear boxy jackets to cover her breasts, but she also obscured any definition of a waist. And the large pattern on her jacket was making her look eight inches wider than she really is. Susannah wanted to get her into a new bra, and Trinny wanted to get her out of her “traffic warden” shoes.

Adoree’s new look gives her an hourglass figure. A V-neck sweater with a tailored jacket over the top balances out her body and creates the illusion of a waist.

“Corset tops look great on bigger busts, as long as you’re not spilling out of it and it has sleeves. Corsets can accentuate without being vulgar,” Constantine said in a promotional interview for her book, Trinny & Susannah: The Survival Guide – A Woman’s Secret Weapon for Getting Through the Year.

Wish list corset-tops and similar:
(too bad this has the seams under the bust)

Sears juniors

how to make a corset style tee:,1,3626534.photogallery

I like this one better, but I’d keep the sleeves:

haha–maybe for a haloween costume!

for a denim corset top!

Hmmm (but it’s made from a men’s tee)
yet another:
the above must have been an adaptation of this one:;topicseen

According to, a balconnette-style bra provides the necessary support and lift that older women can really use. This style pulls breasts forward and upwards, giving the illusion of a slimmer torso.

What not to wear book (2002!):
no: high neck & sleeveless or high round-neck tees
yes: wide-open neckline; v-neck sleeveless tees (breakfs up expanse of sleeves but “no sleeves are for that rare bird blessed w/ toned arms and a pert chest
no: unfitted, sleeveless shell top, round-neck tanks b/c large breasts invariably have big arms to carry them and these should remain hidden at all times
yes; tight around waist and loosening on breasts for illusion of not having enough breast to fill it, and to make waist look tiny by comparison; corset shape w/ sleeves b/c accentuates breasts w/o being vulgar; wrap tops
no: boxy, short-waisted jacket makes look square, shapeless and top-heavy; princess collar b/c anything buttoned at neck gives you larger boobs than you need
yes: wrap dress; sweetheart neckline w/ empire line and 3/4 sleeves (makes neck long and elegant rather than bunching boobs up to chin); cocktail dress w/ low drawstring neckline hides tummy and gathered fabric helps dwarf size of chest and prevent boob-clinging
no: chunk knit or polo necks (big turtle neck)
yes: wrap cardigan lets you make as tight as you want and the boobs are always separated; round neck cardigan undon to the top of bra b/c shows off cleavage and can do it up when feel cold or overexposed; deep v neck in fine knit (fine cashmere keeps warm and looking svelte)
no: funnel neck coat; doublebreasted anything; belted trench (b/c creasts billowing around already busty area)
yes: tight waist w/ narrow lapel and full skirt b/c depth of neckline breaks up expanse of “swollen flesh” [yikes–what if it’s cold?]