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Meet Our Newest Writer: Rosalind

Based on my past correspondence with Rosalind, I suspected she would be a perfect match for Hourglassy readers, and when I met her in person last September, I absolutely had to invite her to join the Hourglassy team. When you read today’s post, you’ll realize why I was so overjoyed that she said yes. Her […]

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Off the Rack ~ Stop Staring Dress Roundup

Darlene recently sent me a glorious photo of herself wearing a silver wiggle dress from the brand Stop Staring, and it reminded me that I’ve been sitting on a pile of Stop Staring dresses for years now without reviewing any of them. So this week, you get a full roundup. Unfortunately, Stop Staring seems to […]

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Book Review: The Bra Zone

I recently finished another book that Hourglassy readers will be interested in: The Bra Zone by Elizabeth Dale of The Breast Life. More than a how-to-fit instructional, this book promises to delve into all the different styles and shopping experiences that could work for a woman–hence the “zone”–and I was excited to receive a review […]

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