Sew-a-Long Stalling

I am so sorry to have left you all hanging with the Mandarin shirt sew-a-long! I have been dealing with a very sleepless two year old at my house and running on fumes.

Things are in such a state, I’m not even sure where my one good bra is! I know that I wore it sometime in the last couple of weeks….but I can’t remember where I took it off…and it has yet to surface in the clutter (and mountains of laundry). Haha!

I promise I will be back next week with a post about constructing your muslin. I can’t promise I’ll have found my Kris Line by then….but there will at least be sewing 🙂

A New Full Bust Clothing Company Enters the Market: Greight

I just discovered this company via Instagram today and have added it to our Clothing for Big Busts page. Thanks to help from Google Translate, I’m impressed with their fresh options and that they aren’t fast fashion. The prices are what you would expect for high quality garments, and I’m looking forward to learning more about them.

Here are my favorites from the site. What are yours?







Going with the Flow

It’s been a fun two and a half weeks filled with vacation, holidays and a birthday, and we still have New Year’s ahead this weekend! As usual at this time of year, my ability to concentrate has flown out the window, and I expect to return to Hourglassy in January refreshed and inspired. See you soon!

Big Bust Sports Bra as Bikini Top (Preview)

You’re going to see these pictures again when I write my full review, but I can’t wait to share them now. I decided to wear my Lynx crossback sports bra with my Curvy Kate starry-eyed bottoms on our trip around the Napali coast yesterday. This is right before we took a snorkeling break, so I’m dry. Let me say, though, that I was completely unselfconscious in the water–no worries that I was flashing my underwater cleavage to anyone else. And with the rigid non-stretch fabric across my chest, plus the lining, I didn’t give headlights a second thought as I climbed back into the boat. The top was gifted to me by the company, but my  opinions are my own.