Off the Rack ~ Reviewing a DD Atelier Tee Shirt

The Curve Expo was this past weekend, but I’ve been just ridiculously busy all week and am in no position to organize all my photos and my thoughts just yet. Please check back next Friday for the first of at least two, if not three, posts about what I saw and enjoyed at Curve.

In the meantime, here’s a quick review of a tee shirt from big bust retailer DD Atelier:

At the end of each season, DD lists whatever is left over from the season at sale prices. Sizes are, of course, limited, and most of the time the items I like are already sold out in my size. But I happened to look at the sale section the same day I decided I wanted a striped tee shirt to wear with a particular skirt, and lo and behold DD had one in my size!

DD Atelier uses three bust sizes labeled D, F, and G, and waist sizes 65, 70, 75, 80, 85. My measurements of 37” bust and 29” waist falls into size 80D, though I did try a dress several years ago in 75F and it fit fine in the waist. Since this tee shirt is stretchy and I wanted it to fit more tightly, I went with 75 D/F (stretch knits have only two bust sizes of D/F and F/G).

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F Cup Fashion Followup with Veka & Samantha

How appropriate that Leah wrote about her Urkye tops on Friday because I’ve wanted to share photos of my own purple Veka top, but I didn’t have enough to say for an entire writeup. Now it’s simply a matter of adding my average-to-short-waisted experience hers.

Before I say anything else, I have to warn you that I am going through a frumpy phase, so please don’t judge the top and dress by how I have or haven’t styled them. I blame my shoes for everything, but I welcome gentle suggestions for how to extricate myself from my current rut.

Here is the violet Veka. What I have since learned is that Urkye will actually shorten the length of their tops for you for free if you request this when you place your order! This is my first time to order from Urkye, but now that I know how a 42 1/2 top looks on me,  I’ll ask them to trim off three inches next time.

urkye purple top front

I’m showing you two profile pictures, the first wearing my Freya Rio in 32F, and the second wearing my Empreinte Grace in 32F. I adore the Empreinte Grace bra and promise to write about it soon.

purple urkye top side view Freya profile

purple Urkye top side with Empreinte Grace profile

I appreciate that the front center panel of this top is a double layer of fabric, especially since, as Leah noted, the fabric is a bit thin. The photo of my back (wearing the Freya Rio) shows how it clings more than skims my middle. Leah liked the narrowed waist on her Veka, but a wider waist in back might be more flattering for me–or I should simply wear my Fraulein Annie Falling in Love cinching panty, which I wore under the Samantha that I show you further down.

purple Urkye top back

In the end, I think my Urkye Veka makes a very nice basic top. It fits my bust perfectly, and the color is a treat. However, there’s something intangible that keeps it from being a “wow” top on me. If I can figure out how to turn it into a “wow”, I’ll let you know!

Yesterday I was all set to wear all black to church when I remembered my new turquoise Samantha in 36D that arrived last week. I tore off the tags and pulled it over my head and felt amazing. Like the Veka, it could stand to be hemmed–in this case to the narrowest point on my legs, but I was too in love with the color to wait.

dd atelier samantha shortened

I already told you that Olga takes pride in the quality fabrics that she uses, and the substantial-feeling knit of this dress is luxurious. It drapes beautifully and skims nicely.  I’ve only worn it for five hours so far, so I can’t yet comment on pilling–I was just happy to make it through a potluck without dripping anything on it!

The perfect fit at my bust and waist is accomplished through princess seams and two additional waist darts in front. There are two slightly longer waist darts in back.

dd atelier samantha front

I have deep pockets!

dd atelier samantha side

(I’m wearing my Empreinte Grace again in these photos.)

dd atelier samantha back

I tried a red bead necklace with this dress, but it looked too cluttered. I tried pearls, but they looked too conservative. I feel like a scarf would hide the streamlined bodice and neckline that I like. Perhaps a brooch is in order?!

I love that season after season, Olga keeps bringing us beautiful pieces to fit our big busts. In this season of browns, greys, burgundies and blacks, I’m especially thrilled that she has offered turquoise.

Great Hourglassy Looks See the Light of Day

Just last Sunday we sprang forward for daylight savings time, and already this week it’s been warm enough for women to break free from their coats and let their hourglass looks see the light of day. Below are two looks that caught my eye this morning. Although on the surface they’re quite different, they share three features that are a bonus for the busty:

  1. They build on a base of one knit top–something that we can all find to fit us off the rack or via the full-bust brands;
  2. They layer versatile basics in an interesting way–if you take a look in your own closet, you’ll probably find your own equivalents to the pieces you see here;
  3. They incorporate a “third piece for visual interest.

I’m willing to bet that after you study their looks, you’ll feel like coming up with your own.

spring layering for the hourglass

I love this woman’s use of a bright base that she keeps from being too overwhelming by layering it beneath a sleeveless waterfall cardigan.  Then she keeps the white cardigan from being too overwhelming by cinching it with a simple black belt that contributes to a vertical line with her black scarf, black bag and black boots and tights. The triangle of orange above her waist reinforces her hourglass shape and also breaks up the white. Surprisingly, she isn’t wearing high heels (take note, Tina!) but her outfit has a presence that makes her seem like she’s wearing them. I think even those of us who are short and want to wear flats could get a similar effect–as long as we’re careful with lengths. If her cardigan fell past the top of her boots, not even heels could save it from frumpiness. (My first impression was that the belt constituted her “third piece”. Only after I uploaded this photo did I notice her attention to detail in her bracelets!)

blazer and palazzo hourglass look

You can barely see the “third piece” that first caught my attention in this woman’s look–a simple necklace comprised of a multitude of chains (bib-like but not quite). I liked how it dressed up her simple grey tee shirt. Then I realized that while the entire outfit looked relaxed and comfortable (she told me she was dressed for a long drive), it also looked put-together. Finally, it dawned on me that there’s nothing holding busty women back from creating a similar effortless-but-pulled-together look that has more personality and presence that a mere tee shirt with jeans. We already have access to casual black jackets from Urkye and BiuBiu, as well as a few color options from Pepperberry, and our bra size isn’t a deterrent to finding patterned pants! Start with a basic tee and end with your favorite necklace, and you’re ready to go. The great thing about this look is that it can be adapted to a multitude of color palettes.


Joy to the Big Bust World from Jailyn Apparel

Yesterday morning was a two-pronged dressing dilemma: I wanted to dress up for church, but I wanted to wear jeans for everything we were doing afterwards. My Jailyn velvet tank top was the perfect solution.

jailyn velvet top for big busts

I have to admit that I haven’t worn this top much since I first reviewed it a year ago (you can also read the review from a smaller-sized perspective), but I’ve loved having the option in my closet. And now that the price has plunged from $74 to $44, it’s easy to justify buying a special occasion top.

Too bad my black cardigan doesn’t keep up with the dressy velvet tank. The top would look sharper with the BiuBiu Avila jacket or the Urkye Kameleon jacket. I also think it’d look cute under a denim jacket with different bottoms. (The commenters to my original review also had great suggestions.)

By the way, I’ve found a new basic bra that I like: the Fantasie Jana in 36H. I’m wearing it in this photo. I like the shape, lift, projection and price. The only thing I dislike about it is the cheap feel of the fabric–it’s not scratchy, but there’s nothing soft or indulgent about it to make me feel special as I’m getting dressed.