Busty Swimsuits to Look Forward to in 2015

Goodbye Summer 2014! Here are some of the amazing swimsuits to come in 2015. There’s also my recent Miss Mandalay report.

 Kris Line

Just because this print is beautiful.

kris line swim 2015 4Curvy Kate

When I saw this color-blocked tankini, I begged the designer for a matching rash guard.

curvy kate color block tankini ocean drive

Ocean Drive. 30-40 D-K.

curvy kate color block ocean drive plunge bikini

Ocean Drive padded plunge bikini. 30-40 D-J. There’s also a halterneck bikini in the chameleon shade that you see on the bottom (30 D-J, 32 D-HH, 34 D-H, 36 D-GG, 38 D-G). Available in April.


cleo swim 2015

My camera died and I had to use my cellphone for this tiny photo of the models having fun posing at the end of a long day.

Cleo swim Cassie longline bikini high waist pant back

Like the Cindy this year, you know this new padded longline called the Cassie is going to sell out fast. 28-38 D-H.


panach swim Britt red spot bandeau high waisted pant

Panache Britt. The padded bandeau comes with detachable straps, and in GG-H it has cross back wings with a swan hook fastening. That’s a removable bow on the high waisted pants! 30-38 D-H.

Curvy Kate

curvy kate luau love bandeau bikini black

The Luau Love–they simply turned their highly anticipated strapless into a bandeau! It also comes in the flamingo (pink) color you see in the padded bikini below. Black available this December, flamingo available beginning in February. 28-30 D-J, 32 D-HH, 34 D-H, 36 D-GG, 38 D-G.

Luau Love profile

They tested their strapless on a trampoline, and when their 30GG model did a cartwheel in it, everything stayed in place. They also tested the swimwear with cannonballs and back flips!

curvy kate pink luau love padded bikini

Padded bikini. 30-40 D-K. There’s also a tankini.


empreinte one piece

I realize this is a simple black one-piece, and Empreinte swimwear only goes to an F. But I’m impressed that the internal soft bra lining works all by itself without relying on the outside fabric for any support or compression. They’ve also made the seams of the lining super flat so that they don’t show through.



empreinte balconette bikini top

Empreinte balconet bikini top.

Curvy Kate

curvy kate cocoloco bandeau

Cocoloco bandeau. Available beginning in February. 28-30 D-J, 32 D-HH, 34 D-H, 36 D-GG, 38 D-G. (There’s also a padded plunge bikini, 28-40 D-J).

curvy kate shock wave tankini

Shockwave halterneck tankini. 28-30 D-J, 32 D-HH, 34 D-H, 36 D-GG, 38 D-G. April. (Also padded bikini 30-40 D-K and halterneck bikini same sizes as tankini.)

curvy kate shockwave tankini backKris Line

kris line swim 2015 2

Some of the prints that caught my eye.

kris line swim 2015 3

Their ombre tankini that is their most popular design in the upcoming season.

A Better Class of Bikini for the Big Bust: Miss Mandalay

Like many of us, Lorraine Morton grew up with a dearth of fashionable swimwear options, but she’s one of the few who decided to do something about it. Nine year ago, she created her own company, Miss Mandalay, to offer fashionable big bust swimwear without sacrificing fit and function. Along the way, she has become a strong and steady pioneering force in the full bust market.

Rather than create a wire for a smaller size and then grade it to fit larger cups, Lorraine begins with super firm underwires created specifically for large cup sizes (her sizes range from 30D to 38HH*).  In 2007, she created an underwire plunge shape that gives large-busted women a version of a triangle top. Bravissimo had a 90% sell-through rate in the first five weeks that they began selling it. No wonder companies like Eveden soon followed her lead with a similar shape.

miss mandalay 2014 2 underwire

Miss Mandalay has also offered a balcony shape with 2 mm foam padding and fully adjustable straps, such as the one below that I saw at the 2013 Swim Show. I didn’t see any balconies in her Spring/Summer 2015 lineup at Curve, but I hope she’ll reintroduce this shape in a future collection.

miss mandalay 2014 3

Here’s another look from last year’s show.

miss mandalay 2014 1

Here’s my favorite look from Curve earlier this month. It’s called the Bardot and is scheduled for delivery in February 2015. The top will come in 30-38 D, DD, E, F, FF, G and GG.

miss mandalay 2015 1

The Boudoir Beach is one of her most popular styles, and with its elegant hardware, I can see why. It comes in both “ice white” and “mocha”. It’s also scheduled for February delivery and comes in the same sizes as the Bardot.

miss mandalay 2015 2

miss mandalay 2015 3

miss mandalay 2015 4

L to R, Bohemia (April), Los Angeles (December in black or magenta; April in fluoro yellow) and Venom (March). Same band and cup size offerings as the others.

Miss Mandalay suits are manufactured in Morocco of European fabrics, and you can find a good selection of them at Linda’s Online, Asos and the Miss Mandalay website itself.

Reviews, however, are harder to come by! Bravissimo customers love the Los Angeles, and Amy raved about her red gingham set on FussyBusty last year. In 2011, Undercover Lingerista told us great things about her Boudoir Beach bikini. If you’ve tried a Miss Mandalay swimsuit or can point me in the direction of more reviews, I’d love to hear from you.

And if you’d like to try Miss Mandalay at your own local boutique in 2015, now is the time to urge the boutique owners to place their order!


*Although I’ve heard in the past that Miss Mandalay goes to HH, the highest cup size I can find in the S/S 2015 line sheets is for an H cup in the Amelie bra in powder (bands 30-38), due for delivery in February 2015. (True & Co. also carries Miss Mandalay bras, but do you think they’ll ever offer them in an H cup? If they do, I’ll have to revise my low opinion of them.)

h cup amelie powder

You can find a picture of the model wearing this bra in Miss Underpinnings‘ recent excellent review of Miss Mandalay’s lingerie showing at Curve. I am infatuated with the Amelie bra because of its satin one-way stretch outer sling that is meant to center our boobs.  Lorraine herself is wearing the Amelie in 30G in the photo below.

amelie centers big boobs with side sling

30G amelie on miss mandalay founder

As you’ve probably realized, in her mission to provide fashion for big boobs, Lorraine is committed to technical expertise. She isn’t rushing to bring the next new thing to the full bust market. In fact, when I asked her at Curve if she had anything new, she told me that there have been no changes except the prints “because what we’re doing is still working.” (Sorry, Leah!)

Hallelujah for the Panache Tallulah

32G panache tallulah front

Usually I’m with the 33.86% of you who only buy a swimsuit every 2-3 years, but my 36GG Elomi swim bra (that I chose in practical black in order to wear it for years to come) is now too loose, forcing me to join the 25.2% of you who purchase a swimsuit annually. Happily, this was my chance to get the Panache Tallulah one-piece that I admired all last summer. I mainly wanted this suit for the figure-flattering solid blue panels on either side of the floral center, but I also felt it would offer great support because:

1. There’s a keyhole back with a clasp. If most of a bra’s support comes from the band, it makes sense that the most supportive swimsuits are going to have a band, either in the form of a high back or a keyhole back. I like a scooped back as much as the next large-busted woman, but “bouce-less” won out over back-less this summer.

2. It was a one-piece.  After my Panache Geneva tankini, I’m biased against tankinis. I now realize that I looked and felt so droopy in that suit because the 36 back was probably too large for me in 2010, but I also think it could have felt more secure if it weren’t divided into a top and bottom–if the “band” extended from bosom to thigh, so to speak.

3. The breast section is basically like a bikini top with a body sewn to its base. In other words, it’s like a pretty bra–a pretty three-part cut and sewn bra with a supportive mesh lining integrated into the seams. By integrating the lining into the bra’s seams, there’s no show-through because the seams are part of the design. The tankini, on the other hand, is like a Panache strappy top, with a little “bridge” that links the center gore of the bra to the suit’s shell. Not only is this less supportive, but if there are any seams in the bra, they show through the outer shell, especially when the suit is wet. Of course, this is less of an issue with a print like the Tallulah than it was with my solid Geneva.

tallulah tankini bra vs one piece bra

Tankini on the left. One-piece on the right.

It took me a while to find this Holy Grail, but I finally located it for 50% off at Linda’s Online in both a 34G and a 32G. Since it was final sale, I couldn’t order both and return one, so I finally decided to take a chance on the 32G because I’ve always found Panache bands to stretch out pretty quickly, and swimsuits tend to stretch once wet anyways.

What a relief it was when I tried it on and it fit perfectly! We went swimming the very next weekend, but it was too cold for me to get all the way wet. Today I finally had my chance.

32G Panache talulah side

The suit is totally wet in this picture.

After taking this picture, I marched around the pool to make sure I felt confident in it. There’s the inevitable slight bounce that comes with big boobs–this isn’t a sports bra, after all!–but I would have felt entirely at ease wearing this at a pool party or chasing a toddler.

I really only have two small complaints about this suit. First, there’s a slight wrinkling at the top of the cups once it’s wet. This is probably a size and/or shape issue. Someone who is fuller on top probably wouldn’t run into this, and I’d rather have wrinkling than pillowing of the breast tissue above the cup. It’s easier for me to settle myself into the cups and get rid of the wrinkles than it is to cram myself into cups that are slightly too small to get rid of the quadraboob.

Second, the fabric is super basic. I already mentioned this when I compared it to the Prima Donna swimsuits that I tried. However, I feel like I should be able to get two years of moderate to heavy use out of this suit before it’s time to replace it. I’d be curious to hear how you’ve found the fabric to be in some of the Panache suits you’ve owned.


P.S. After finally venturing out in bikini last year, I would have loved to have owned the Tallulah bikini set with the high-waisted bottoms. However, I found the elastic waistband  on these bottoms to be unflattering on me. Perhaps I needed a larger size, but a wider waistband would have been even better.

Kris Line at Curve

I was so pleased to see Kris Line at Curve yesterday, and this time represented by the actual owner of, and designer for, the company. And guess what??? There’s a retailer in Brooklyn that’s expanding to offer lingerie, INCLUDING KRIS LINE!!!

Because I’m in a swimsuit mindset, that was my focus. I’ll write more about their most popular Spring/Summer 2015 options later, but I wanted to share my favorite style that’s still available on their website. The bikini top ends up being about USD$80, and the one-piece about USD$100. Imagine how pretty it would feel to wear with the matching skirt!!!

kris line fleur

kris line fluer one piece back

kris line fleur with skirt