My traditional start-of-the-year hiatus is lasting longer than expected. Basically, I’m recalibrating my life around certain priorities and need to let the process work itself out without giving in to distractions. This means a fast from blogging for a little while longer, so thank you for your patience!

There’s some really, really good news, though–Rosalind is back with a new series beginning tomorrow. She’s going to walk us through a sew-a-long!!! If you’ve ever thought, “I wish I could just sew my own clothes,” this is your chance!

Positive Selfies for Big Busts & Brands

You know how after you’ve shopped for something, it shows up everywhere you go online? Well, the same thing happens when you write about a body positive subject like the Embrace documentary (that is opening in the United States today and inspired this heartfelt post from Shari Deutsch at The Strap Saver). That’s how I discovered a workshop called “Body Positive Selfies” given by Embodied State of Mind on September 3.


Me with Natasha Overton and Kira Munoz, the Body Positive Selfies team from Embodied State of Mind.

Last week I wrote about Campbell & Kate’s recent photo shoot. We worked hard to show my shirts to their best advantage with actual models, hair and makeup artist, stylist, professional photographer and great lighting. As a blogger who wants to portray all bust-friendly clothing that I wear to its best advantage, however, it’s just me and my cell phone or camera. When I’m at home with my tripod and a lot of time, I’m happy with the outcome, but when I’m on the road and just want to give a shoutout that I’m wearing a certain brand, I’m rarely satisfied.

Most recently this happened with my amazing Riley dress from Bitter Lollipop (which is planning to have new styles available in 2017, by the way). I rediscovered it in my closet and have been wearing it weekly ever since. I didn’t want to write a complete new post about it; I just wanted to remind readers how much I love it with a tweet like, “I’m in the muggy train station feeling sharp in my Riley dress from @bitterlolli.” But every selfie was a dud that did NOT show the dress to its best advantage.

So of course I signed up for the selfie workshop.

Like you, I wondered, “What makes a selfie ‘body positive’ instead of just a selfie?” Workshop leader Natasha Overton didn’t give me a cut-and-dried answer, but she gave a ton of tips for taking good selfies that I won’t want to delete . . . and that’s an answer right there. Here are some of her tips: [Read more…]

Where Are We Now?

My grand ambition for the month of August was to revisit some of the startup brands that we’ve written about in the past and ask, “Where are they now?” It seemed like a perfect (there’s that word again!) follow-on to Curve and a great way to highlight the brands that work so hard to meet the needs of our full bust readership.

On the way to August, however, we had a surprisingly sparse July. We had a lot of days with no new content, and I was overdue for an Hourglassy identity crisis. So instead of asking where the brands are, I’ve been asking where we are. You may have been wondering the same thing.

Happily, each of us remains passionate about affirming women with busty body types and providing insights and resources for living with large breasts. However, you know the phrase “champagne taste on a beer budget”? Well, I have full-time dreams for Hourglassy on a part-time schedule! In fact, there aren’t enough hours in a day to accomplish all that I’d like to do with Hourglassy.

My “aspirational” time management style has been catching up with me. While I’m not even going to pretend that I can tear myself away from HourglassyI already tried and failed at that in 2012–I’m going to have to be strict with myself about only writing once a week. You’ll also continue to hear from Leah every Friday. Things are a little up in the air with Patsy and Mia, so I’ll let each of them update you on their schedules the next time they write.

I don’t plan to be strict with myself this week, however. Tomorrow I’m going to squeeze in one more post about a brand of lingerie that’s as aspirational as my time management style: gorgeous French lingerie from Empreinte.

Clothing Swap Coming Up!

That’s right! It’s time for another big bust clothing swap! Come with

  • your garments too big or too small,
  • those fabulous deals that were’t really “you”,
  • the clothing you never exchanged or returned.

You’ll leave with something new to you, but even better, you’ll spend an afternoon with other full-busted women. The internet is great–where would we be without it?–but there’s no substitute for comparing notes and sharing stories in person. There’s also the bonus of our raffle prizes and goody bags. I can’t wait to begin announcing our sponsors soon.