Impish Lee and You and Me Next Week at Nora Gardner

Words and images on a blog don’t do justice to encountering Impish Lee in person, but Leah did a great job trying when she told you how inspired we were by Impish Lee at Curve in August.  If you’re in or near Manhattan next week, YOU can  design your own lingerie with the two sister co-founders themselves! Here’s the Eventbrite link with all the details.

Below you can see Leah coming up with the color combinations she wants for her own design.

impish lee leah

We loved the metallic waistband on these shorts.

impish mesh metal shorts

This is co-founder Kali, and yes, her bodysuit CAN be made to fit fuller busts.

impish kali

Finally, I’m especially excited that Nora Gardner has opened her flagship store to us. Remember the Evelyn dress I raved about in May? Nora Gardner’s recent IG post further proves how bust-friendly it is!

nora gardner evelyn bust friendly

We’d LOVE to see you there!

Sugar Candy Comfort Bra for Fuller Busts–How Sweet It Is!

“Revolutionary seamless, wire free, fuller bust bra!”

“Literally never been done before!”

As I read these statements in a recent email, my eyes only stopped rolling when I saw the following:

Darlene, I want to clarify that Sugar Candy was not created to replace the typical wire, fuller bust bra which is much needed. Sugar Candy is purely a comfort bra option, that women can wear at home and to bed.

Well, then! I replied with a request for samples, and the company sent me a medium and Leah an XS and S. We used the UK columns and rows in their size chart, and since I’m somewhere in the 34FF/G range right now, it was refreshing that M covered all my options. [Read more…]

Off the Rack ~ Kix’ies Thigh High Tights Reviewed

Technically this post is still related to Curve even though it’s now 5 weeks past. Kix’ies, the hosiery brand beloved by the pinup community, was there for the first time, and I got to chat with a rep. She also gave me a sample pair of tights to try!

Kix’ies are thigh-high tights with a special no-slip, no-sink triple band at the top of the thigh so you can wear them without garters and they stay in place. I’m sure I’ve mentioned previously my ban on clothing that makes you get undressed in order to use the toilet (though I’ve since broken that vow with the Trashy Diva Hepburn jumpsuit and my Freddies of Pinewood Chain Gang jumpsuit), so tights that don’t have to be pulled down in order to pee are right up my alley! Plus they come in a wide range of styles, and the triple-band just looks cool.

The Kix’ies display at Curve.

The Kix’ies display at Curve.

I ended up selecting the sheer black tights with a seam up the back, to go with all my vintage reproduction dresses. I literally don’t own any sheer stockings, so I’m always stuck with freezing bare legs or opaque black tights.

The Kix’ies rep showed me the size chart and measured my thigh at the point where I expected to wear the tights. Since there’s no threat of a mis-fitting crotch, you only need to consider your height and thigh circumference. The sizes are as follows:

A = height 4’11” – 5’5”, thigh up to 20”
B = height 5’5” – 6′, thigh up to 25”
C = height 4’11” – 5’5”, thigh up to 30”
D = height 5’5” – 6′, thigh up to 35”

I fall right in size B at 5’6” and 23”. If you’re on the border of two sizes, consider the material of your selected tights. I was told that fishnets are stretchier, and sheer and thinner materials are less stretchy.

You may be wondering how those three bands give the appearance of floating on your skin. Well they have tiny parallel lines of fishing line-like threads between each layer. They practically disappear on your leg, and they keep each opaque band from digging in. The way the tights stay up so well is by first selecting the correct size, and second each opaque band is lined with a flat strip of clear silicon.

So let’s get to some photos, shall we?

I only dressed up for work so that my outfit would match the tights!

I only dressed up for work so that my outfit would match the tights!



Getting those seam lines straight was no easy feat! But at least they didn’t shift around once in place.

Getting those seam lines straight was no easy feat! But at least they didn’t shift around once in place.


You can see that the bands aren’t digging in, and the fishing line is totally invisible. Success! However, I did have one minor complaint…


That tag!! The little white care tag on the inner thigh was really itchy. I think they should just do away with it, and put all the care instructions on the packaging. Plus, who doesn’t already know that tights are supposed to be hand-washed? (Though I’m lazy, so I just throw them in a lingerie bag and use the washing machine’s delicate/hand-wash settings.)

Also, if you click on the tag photo above, you’ll be able to see that I drew two little lines on the top of my thighs with permanent marker so I could see if the tights slid down at all throughout the day. I drew the lines on at about 1pm, and here’s how the tights looked at 7pm when I got home (after sitting down and getting up from my desk several times, walking up and down a flight of stairs twice, and riding the subway home):


My left leg did pretty well, only sliding down about a centimeter—but my right leg! It slid down like 4 inches! This is especially unexpected because if anything my right leg would be bigger (since that’s the one I favor, the muscle gets used more and could conceivably be slightly more developed). Maybe it has to do with the fact that I have short legs. Or it could be that this side was more stretched out due to having the cardboard square stuck inside of it to keep the tights flat in the package. I guess next time I’ll pull the bands up even higher, and see if that’s an improvement.

Despite not entirely living up to the claim that they never fall down, I would definitely buy more of these. In fact, the Kix’ies rep told me there’s a new vintage-friendly style in development—sheer tan with a black Cuban heel. Can’t wait!



Big Bust Babydoll Boredom Busters: Curvy Kate Kitty & Freya Pandora

Sometimes a fabulous full bust development flies right over my head, like this Curvy Kate Kitty plunge longline babydoll that Sweet Nothings and Bras and Body Image recently reported and Big Cup Little Cup has already reviewed.

Curvy Kate Kitty long line babydoll
It took glimpsing it from the corner of my eye at Curve before I finally recognized something I’m always looking for: supportive sleepwear that doesn’t hide the waist.

Curvy Kate Kitty front at Curve longline babydoll

The merlot color will be available in 30-40 D-J in October, but the Kitty longline babydoll in black has been available since December.

curvy kate kitty back longline babydoll

I’ve always appreciated the bra element of babydolls, but I’m tired of their inevitable flounce-y empire waists. The maternity-look is so ubiquitous to babydolls, that I wonder, is it even a babydoll if it has a waist? Wikipedia characterizes a babydoll as short, sleeveless and loose-fitting. The Kitty is short and sleeveless, but thanks to the longline, it certainly isn’t loose-fitting.

Freya also challenges the “loose-fitting” element of the babydoll. As many of you know, I love the streamlined look of a chemise, and I’ve always thought that Freya’s babydolls look more like chemises because they lack the typical puffy gathers coming from the underwires. If you study the Freya chemises and babydolls that I included at the end of my post on deep cup wireless sleepwear last year, you’ll see what I mean.

When I mentioned this to an Eveden rep, she informed me that the only difference between a Freya chemise and a Freya babydoll is the underwire. No wonder the Freya babydolls appeal to me so much–they’re simply chemises with underwires!

Of all the underwired chemises in the Freya AW16 collection, the Pandora stands out with its sheer vertical-seamed cups that go up to a G cup! We weren’t the only ones disappointed that last year’s vertical-seamed Starlet only went up to an F cup. Pandora is Freya’s response to the demand for this light look and feel in a G.

freya paradise babydoll on table top

Available in 28-38 D-G.

freya paradise sheer cups closeup

freya paradise babydoll side sling closeup

Side slings help with support.

Freya Paradise babydoll back

The Pandora collection also includes Freya’s first longline plunge without padded cups.

freya paradise longline closeup

Available in 28-38 D-G.

Finally, a Pandora vertical seam bra will be available in 30-36G and a plunge balcony in 28-38 D-H.

The only bad news about these beautiful pieces? They don’t reach stores until November . . . just in time to make it onto your holiday wish list.