Wearing the Wrong Uniform

Someday soon I want to talk uniforms with you. More and more, I find myself reaching for the same favorite pieces to put together in different ways. I’m wearing three of those pieces below: my Loft jacket,* a Campbell & Kate button front, and a pair of khakis.

my uniform
I wore this same outfit to an evening LinkedIn workshop last week, and I did NOT blend in with the after-work crowd of professional women. The khakis were too casual. Black pants or a dark skirt would have been better, but I don’t own a pair of black pants, and it was too cold for a skirt.

So it was obvious that I hadn’t just come from the office, and I felt a little sheepish about that. However, I couldn’t do anything about it, so I decided just to make myself friendly to the women around me, and I ended up learning good things about LinkedIn and meeting some really nice people.

This of course reminded me of the great advice about standing out that the Panache giveaway entrants have sent me, and this is the week I’m going to begin sharing them. So even though Mia, Leah and I will be spending time with family instead of writing for the rest of the week, be sure to visit Hourglassy for a daily dose of inspiration from your fellow readers.


*In the end, this jacket and the denim pencil skirt were the only pieces I kept from my Loft shopping trip. I know this jacket is now too big, so if I figure out how to make it more fitted, I’ll be writing about the alterations here!

Best Breasts Forward ~ Inside Fitness

Mia and I didn’t coordinate this, but her post today is a fabulous answer to the question we’re asking you to answer for the Panache sports tank giveaway!

We are getting closer to the end of our month long focus on fitness, and I thought it was important to speak about not just the outside of what it takes for a busty gal to get fit but also the inside.

Having large breasts held me back from working out for decades. I was afraid and intimidated, thinking about being gawked at and judged because of my breasts’ size. It’s something I still struggle with and in some ways have not overcome.

I work out at home and run. Finding a sports bra that keeps my breasts from moving around and attracting attention, real or imagined, has allowed me run without thinking about my boobs. Being a member of a women only running group also helped me with that. When I work out at home I am alone. I often lock the door to be sure not even my husband or children can enter so I can focus on the task at hand.

It’s hard to ignore that little voice in your head. The one that is louder than those around you because it comes from within. So instead, I work towards making it a bit more quiet. I find bras that fit, I buy workout clothes that compliment my body, I choose environments where I feel comfortable moving and sweating freely.

I hope that there will come a time when I am completely comfortable in my own skin, but if I don’t, it will not keep me from working towards being healthy. I am not ashamed of my busty body. Being honest with myself about my feelings has allowed me to get closer every day to being mentally and physically fit.

Going Big No Matter Our Size

Tonight the British reality show Big Ballet makes its stateside premiere on Ovation, and I so wish I had cable because aren’t these images absolutely enticing?

big ballet 5

big ballet 4

big ballet 1

There are dancers who wear DD+ bras in this show!

big ballet 2

You know how I feel about the bodies of professional ballet dancers, so I can’t wait for the opportunity to watch this.  For more on the story, you can read this WSJ article (but be warned if you watch the video–Tanya Rivero’s attitude is infuriating!) and this article from The Guardian.

Another story, this time about 18-year-old tennis player Taylor Townsend, is a great reminder that a woman’s natural size has nothing to do with her abilities and worth. Today, 205th-ranked Taylor Townsend has advanced to the third round of the French Open after beating the 20th-seeded player; but in 2012 she was benched from competing for a wild card into the U.S. Open because her coaches “wanted to improve her fitness, a code word for weight.” Imagine the devastation that Taylor must have felt. Today, her coach is Zina Garrison, who formerly ranked No. 3 worldwide and struggled with bulimia during her tennis career.  This is one reason she wanted to work with Townsend: “‘I didn’t want her to go through some of the same problems I had, and it seemed that it was heading that way.”

Taylor Townsend

There is a lot of lip service given to size acceptance, but it’s refreshing to see acceptance in action in these stories of women who are forging forward as themselves instead of forcing themselves to be anything less.

Corporate Curves Report: I’m busty and I know it! – Choosing Our Feelings

Feelings, we can’t escape them. But what I learned this week in a Redesigning 925 training is that yes, we can choose our attitude. Are we responsible or are we a victim? It was all about changing habits and choosing our attitude.


We had a very eye-opening exercise where we first had to pair up and pick a true story about a work situation where we felt like a victim and tell the story from that perspective to our partner. Then our partner needed to evaluate if it indeed sounded like we were a victim. That was all nice and easy as there’s always room at the victims coffee table, BUT then came the curve ball!

Now we had to stick to the same story but turn tables in our minds and take a responsible outlook on the same situation and take full accountability for the event, no matter what we had chosen.

I remembered that lesson the next day when in a meeting I kept noticing how blatantly a coworker kept talking to my bust. I felt disappointed and awkward. I mean, people at the office know that I’m booby and it’s not like he had not seen me before.

They just are there! And sometimes they come in handy my little dog seems to think :)

They just are there! And sometimes they come in handy my little dog seems to think. :)

Another occasion happened later that night when I went to the gym for my Fustra session. I was wearing my Curvy Kate Wild at Heart plunge bra (that is the second day this year I have not worn a Freya Deco :) !!!), and when I took my dress off in the ladies locker room, there were these two super fit girls gawking at my bust with their jaws open. I felt a little hurt or probably more self conscious–most girls at the gym tend to be super fit and small busted.

Curvy Kate Wild bra

Curvy Kate Wild bra

But what I heard was not, “OMG she’s so big!” Instead they were wondering where I get my bras since they give such a nice shape! So it was much more in my head. Our own heads can be our worst enemies.