Off the Rack ~ Bust-Friendly Coats: The Collectif Pearl

I really should have reviewed this before Christmas, but I just couldn’t get my shit together for the past couple weeks. The holidays wiped me out (in a good way), with family gatherings, parties, and travel. I’m even late this week, as you can see!

This week I’m reviewing the Collectif Pearl coat. Collectif is a brand I’ve reviewed before with mixed results. But my last review was two and a half years ago, and I’ve had much better success since then. I’m particularly fond of their “Dolores” styles (in which I take size UK 12 / Medium) and their sweaters (in which I take UK 10 / Small because they’re stretchy and I like them fitted for tucking into high-waisted bottoms).

Collectif also makes the best vintage-style winter coats. I’ve had my eye on the Pearl coat for years, especially after my pal MissShapen came for a New York visit a few years ago and brought one along. She looked amazing in it, and it was so flattering on a busty figure. From the original beige color, in the years since they’ve released it in navy blue, dark green, and, this season, in burgundy and textured black. I was excited by the green when it was released last year, but I couldn’t really justify buying another winter coat. Then this year, Collectif re-issued the green in limited quantities, and I knew it was finally time to take the plunge before I lost my chance. So I got rid of a bunch of jackets I don’t wear much to make room in the closet, and waited until Black Friday when I knew there would be sales.

I ordered both the green from ModCloth and the burgundy from Unique Vintage, so I could try on both colors and decide which I liked better. I ended up going with the green, as I thought its warmer tone (in both the coat and the fur trim) flattered my coloring better.

Oh readers, this coat is simply glorious. I literally get compliments every time I wear it. And even better, it fits a busty figure beautifully and it’s actually very warm and practical for New York winters!


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Full Bust Finds: UltraSuede Trench Coat

Is ultrasuede around every fall and I just haven’t been paying attention? What an amazing fabric for full busts–especially if it has Spandex in it, like this trench coat from NY&Co.

Here are the features that make it so great for busty women: [Read more…]

Off the Rack ~ DD Atelier Jersey Dress & Military Coat Reviewed

Apologies for three-week absence, friends! I’ve been super busy at work, was visiting friends in Seattle one week, and last week was NY Comic Con. But finally, finally, I get to share with you two fabulous items DD Atelier sent me for review.

DD has so many great items for this fall, including a number of gorgeous and practical coats and jackets. It was really hard to pick just one or two for review! But ultimately I went with a long-sleeved jersey dress and the absolutely stunning wool military coat.

Disclosure: These items were received as review samples. All opinions are my own and based entirely on my experience.

First up, the dress: These days I only wear pants perhaps once a week or even less. I find dresses just so much more comfortable and fun (plus it’s easier to use the restroom in them!). But most of my dresses have short sleeves or straps, and I could use a few more with long sleeves for the fall and winter months. DD’s “Stretch Jersey A-Line Dress” is the perfect solution. It’s easy to wear, brightly colored (an absolute must for me!), and ultra-flattering.


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Full Bust Fashion Finds for Fall

What a great long weekend for reading September issues of fashion magazines. If you’ve been reading them, too, then you’ve seen military coats everywhere. Incredibly, full bust fashion website DD Atelier alerted me to the military coat trend before anyone else. I love how the coat traces the curve of the model’s back . . . and the rest of her figure. For those of us who don’t look good in blacks and greys–or want a break from them–the navy and burgundy options are a gift. Update: you can now read Leah’s review of this “absolutely stunning military coat”.

big bust fashion coat military dd atelier

Of course, if you’re in the market for a 3-season essential that transcends all trends, then you need DD Atelier’s denim jacket for busty women that I reviewed in May. It’s currently 15% off and still available in several sizes. [Read more…]