Celebrity D Cup and Up List: Simone Missick

She plays soon-to-be super hero Misty Knight on the Netflix Marvel series Luke Cage, but Simone Missick is a real life super hero in my book. I don’t know how else to explain the lift that everyone in the audience felt after listening to her interview with InHerShoes blogger Renae Bluitt in Harlem last month.

In the show, Misty Knight has a killer body, but other than the amazing blue dress that highlights her fabulous bust in the first episode, the writing focuses entirely on her policing skills. That’s refreshing. Unfortunately, with the exception of the blue dress, her on-camera full-bust wardrobe is not refreshing. The costume designer could have shopped the closet of any Hourglassy reader to clothe her (or at least readers’ closets before big bust brands became available.)


In real life, Simone Missick is a breath of fresh air for full-busted fashion. Here are some of the photos that I didn’t use in my C&K blog post about her. It makes me want to play detective to learn where she shops and how she achieves such incredible fit. [Read more…]

Demi Coverage Reading Roundup


It’s been three weeks since I attended a screening for the documentary Embrace, and I thought I’d share my impressions here. First, if you get a chance to see it for $15 or less (some upcoming screenings in Manhattan are $35!), it’s worth it, but only if you think you can engage in conversation with the women around you and enjoy their camaraderie. Otherwise, wait for it on Netflix.

The original screening that I was helping to promote was going to have a panel discussion afterwards. It’s too bad it didn’t sell enough tickets because there was a lot to talk about. Often “body positive” has a one-dimensional feel to it, full of breathless clich├ęs, and I like it when people dig deeper. For instance, as I walked out of the theater on September 19, I heard one woman say, “But I lost 110 pounds.” The movie only focused on the negative aspects of diet, and a Q&A session could have made room for this woman’s experience.


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A Little Big Bust Celebrity Peace Offering for an Unexpected Blogging Week Off

We didn’t mean to go silent last week, but both Leah and I found ourselves on projects that forced us to put writing on the back burner. Don’t worry, though. Hourglassy is back on the front burner for the week ahead.

Some day I’m going to analyze the full-bust style of the amazing Taraji Henson in depth. I’ve wanted to feature her on our Celebrity D Cup and Up List ever since discovering her on Person of Interest (and I haven’t even seen Empire yet!). Until then, and to thank you for your patience last week, here she is at the BET Celebration of Gospel in January.


Comments have been light on this blog for a while, but I would love to hear your thoughts in a non-bashing sort of way. It’s obvious the bra is too small, but [Read more…]

Full Bust Fashion Finds for Fall

What a great long weekend for reading September issues of fashion magazines. If you’ve been reading them, too, then you’ve seen military coats everywhere. Incredibly, full bust fashion website DD Atelier alerted me to the military coat trend before anyone else. I love how the coat traces the curve of the model’s back . . . and the rest of her figure. For those of us who don’t look good in blacks and greys–or want a break from them–the navy and burgundy options are a gift. Update: you can now read Leah’s review of this “absolutely stunning military coat”.

big bust fashion coat military dd atelier

Of course, if you’re in the market for a 3-season essential that transcends all trends, then you need DD Atelier’s denim jacket for busty women that I reviewed in May. It’s currently 15% off and still available in several sizes. [Read more…]