Corporate Curves Report: Planes, Shuttles and Rental Cars. Tina’s U.S. Tour.

Yesterday was non-stop working at my local polling site without a chance to publish this, but you can still enjoy getting to know Tina better in her recount of the whirlwind business trip she’s taking. It’s her first time to the U.S., so make her feel welcome! I was so inspired and refreshed by the time we spent together Sunday. You’re going to read some great future posts from both of us as a result!

Hi again y’all and bless you darlings (I’m in Texas today! – and later on in the evening in Ohio, then off to Milwaukee and finally to Baltimore and Washington)! Today’s Corporate Curves Report is somewhat different than usual and not quite as planned. When you pack for a longer trip, there’s always something you forget–in my case  my camera and phone cables, so I’m unable to download pictures to my laptop. So you can expect a “packing for a business trip” post in the coming weeks!

I’ve never been to this side of the Atlantic Ocean so it’s been fun and the packing for surprisingly easy, with plenty of room in the suitcase for shopping! You can probably see I was very happy when I was leaving home on to my US tour. 🙂

Pepperberry trench coat, H&M black animal pattern leggins and Tamaris boots. Delsey suitcase and a Marimekko bag.

Sandy put a slight damper on my time in New York, and I feel for all the people who suffered from it and the ones who still do. But still it was fabulous to get to meet Darlene for a day of major shopping.

Will the Express Essential shirt button?

A welcome dinner break after walking our feet off at Macy’s, TJMaxx and Nordstrom Rack.

On the subway.

I also got to meet  my friend Melissa who lives close to New York and was able to come spend a day with me. Both days and women were amazing and we had such fun! Thank you internet for connecting me to people who I’d not have met without social media and blogging.

Bryant Park with Melissa, I’m wearing a Marja Kurki silk scarf, Pepperberry trench, Gina Tricot jeggins and Tamaris boots.

Yesterday it was an early morning for me to leave towards Houston and manage the rush hour post-Sandy traffic on Manhattan, so I dressed comfortably for a long day and with layers I could easily remove for the summer weather down in Texas. I find that travel wear need not be as flattering as work wear but still I like to keep my style whenever, even when lounging at home.

Standard local supermarket off the rack clothes with Ecco shoes.

As for airport security, I have not set off the metal detector once so far even though wearing my underwired Freyas! This was the short report today from the US tour 2012 and more to come soon!

Big Bust Sizing Help from the Me-Ality Body Scanner?

When you wear underwires, you tend to avoid anything that looks like airport security whenever possible. But what about the Me-Ality Body Scanner? I’ve been wanting to try one since I heard about it earlier this year, but at the time it only made jeans recommendations. Since then, it’s expanded to include tops, so I was thrilled when reader Jame’s guest post about her Me-Ality experience showed up in my inbox on Sunday.


Me-Ality Body Scanning Station: what a joke!

Over the weekend, I went to Sun Valley Mall to do a little shopping. I was instantly attracted to the “body scan machine.”

I wanted to see if it would work.

The process was simple: remove your belt, shoes, and metal bracelets. Hop in the scanner. Stand still for a few minutes. And out pops a clothing and size recommendations based on what is in stock at the mall. This sounds like the best thing ever. Unfortunately, it didn’t work as expected.

So first up, here is a quick rundown on my stats:
Height: 5’4.5
Bust: 41.5 (34H-HH)
Waist: 33
Hips: 43
Other notes: short torso, longer legs, thicker thighs, not-flat tummy
Typical Clothing Sizes:
Dresses: 14
Pants: 14-16
Skirts: 14-16
Knit tops: L-XL
Blouses: XL/16
Blazers: 16 or more depending on the amount of stretch

So I’ll admit, I am not the easiest shape to shop for. I have a tummy. I have a short torso. I am full-busted. But generally speaking, I can find plenty of dresses that fit. Skirts are pretty easy. Knits are easy. Pants and jeans are tricky. Blazers are tricky. Blouses are hit or miss. I can find stuff in stores catering to “missy.” Dresses and tops at H&M. And I looks for pants at the low end of plus and the high end of missy.

So after I did my scan, I waited a few minutes for my results. The woman working the booth was printing the results from a touch screen computer by category. The categories were jeans, skirts, tops, sweaters, dresses (new category) and lingerie was coming soon.

So I got all of the pages back. And the results were:
2 jeans from Lane Bryant in 14/16
2 Elastic waist maxi skirts in 14/16 from Lane Bryant
1 logo hoodie from Gap in XXL
3 t-shirt type tops from Torrid in size 3

And that was it. No dresses. No non elastic waist skirts. No skirts shorter than full length. No other pants. Tops in a size that was several sizes too big. No sweaters.

I was a little surprised. It seemed like the scanner misjudged my bust measurements by around 9 inches.

It was a little depressing. In fact, if I didn’t know my clothing size in many stores I would have been depressed. I would have left the mall thinking that there were less than 10 items that would fit me. And if I had tried on those Torrid tops, they would have been significantly too big.

I don’t know what went wrong with the scanner, but all I know is it didn’t work for me at all. Especially on the top. Maybe it works better if you aren’t in limbo land at the top of Missy’s and the bottom of plus-sizes.

Maybe one of you will have better luck. Have you tried Me-ality or similar scanners?

Corporate Curves Report: Flying in Style

Hey to all you lovely readers again, and welcome to the ninth Corporate Curves Report. The time has flown so quickly, and I still have plenty of blog ideas in store. This week I’ll be business traveling in style, inspired by my superb Graceship laptop bag that I received in the mail today. I needed to order all the way from across the big pond because I could not find any stylish purse-looking laptop bags anywhere on the European side of it! Here it is, inside: laptop, charger, portable speakerphone, headset, presentation remote, important papers, notebook, business cards, passport, mobile, camera, wallet, basic makeup bag and a water bottle – amazing!!!

GRACESHIP New York laptop purse.

GRACESHIP (click link to go to their website) is a Louisville-based company launched by Emily Gimmel in March 2012. The idea for the company formed while she was working as a television journalists and traveling between the coasts. She noticed the same thing I’ve been struggling with, carrying a purse and a laptop bag. On top of that – all the laptop bags are really made for men. Thank you Emily for this great idea, am totally giddy over having this bag and never having to use the ugly laptop bags again. Agree that just because a laptop bag is pink doesn’t make it feminine or purse replacement if it still looks like the same old laptop bag like the others. Here’s their stylish collection:

But on to traveling topic. Now that I can travel in style with my New York bag it eliminates the need for two bags but what to wear when flying? I’ll show you one of my favorite comfy flying outfits. First rule when I travel, no heels when flying. Second is no tailored clothes unless the flight is only a few hours long. On red-eye or cross-continental flights, I need to be able to sleep so I wear  stretchy and versatile clothes. Shoes need to be easy to kick off, and I always have wool socks in my bag for flying comfort. My coat must be long enough so that any bending or tiptoeing with the luggage wont show any parts of skin that isn’t supposed to be on show.  That type of coat also acts as a great blanket on the plane. And for the same reason I don’t like wearing skirts or dresses when I travel because it’s too much hassle to make sure the hem stays down when dealing with luggage! This is one of my favorite travel outfits:

Top Pepperberry slub jersey top from their sale 14R/SC, shorts H&M EUR size 42, ballerinas by Vagabond, tights by Norlyn, laptop purse by GRACESHIP.

The coat I wear with this ensemble is an old H&M thick jersey type trench with lining. Surprisingly, it fits me well despite being a button up coat. The laptop purse comes with a shoulder strap as well which is handy when traveling, easy to carry and frees my hands. It’s also easy to get things out of the bag while carrying it, which comes in handy at airports. The cross shoulder strap does often dig into the bust making it stick out a bit when you happen to have a bigger bust – I usually solve that by placing a scarf over the strap.

And if anyone was wondering what are the gadgets I listed that I carry in my purse, here are some of them:

Speakerphone, wireless headset and presentation remote.

Travel and security are a nuisance, but when signing up for a job that requires traveling, all you can do is make the best of it. Comfy and easy-to-pack capsule clothing + versatile luggage make travel just that much easier. So next time I take a business trip I know exactly which bags I’ll be taking with me–speaking of that, next time is in a few weeks so maybe we’ll be seeing a post on packing for business trips after that. 😉

Which Underwires Work Best for Airport Security?

Before Monday, I would have said all of them. It’s been ages since the machine has beeped on me.  (It’s been less than ages since I’ve had other issues with security, but that’s another story.)  However, even after removing my belt,  then my earrings, then turning my pockets inside out, the machine kept beeping, which led to the Full Body Pat Down.

“I don’t understand,” I said.  “Everyone wears underwires.”

“Not everyone,” the tiny-chested little Pat Down Lady corrected me.

This was my first time to wear my Wacoal Alluring through airport security.  Could that have made the difference?  If I hadn’t been rushing to catch my flight, I would have loved to have changed bras and gone through again.  Wait! Did I just say I would love to go repeatedly through airport security?  I’m never early to the airport, but for an experiment like this, I just might get there hours ahead of time.

How about you–have you found the  underwires of some bra brands to be more troublesome than others when going through airport security?