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Active Blogs Full of Great Advice & Commentary

A Tale of Two Boobs

Big Cup, Little Cup

Boosaurus“Skinny. Curvy. Geeky.”

Bra None“News, reviews, and online shopping advice on large cup size bras”

Bras and Body Image “One girl’s perspective on boobs, bodies, self-image, and society”

Brastic Measures

Bra Stop“The A to Z of D to K bras”

Bratabase“For Bra Addicts”

Busts 4 Justice “Blogging boobs, brains, & bras campaign…”

Butterfly Collection Blog“A place for D-K cup women to love, laugh, & live big boobs”

By Baby’s Rules“Saying what I want to say one random blog at a time”

Contrary Kiwi“Respect God, bras, and body image, yo”

Curvy Wordy“One woman’s quest to find lingerie and stylish clothing to suit her extremely voluptuous hourglass figure”

Druber Und Drunter“A German blog about lingerie and bra fitting (with English translations)”

Faustine’s Foundations

Fuller Figure Fuller Bust – “A fashion and lingerie blog with a little extra padding

Invest in Your Chest“A British country girl at heart with a bit of an obsession with under-crackers”

Kurvendiskussiones“Body image, lingerie, and well-fitting bras for smaller sizes”

Le Curvy Kitten “Dressing a curvier figure, with everything from lingerie to clothes, and maybe a few other bits and bobs thrown in for good measure.”

Les Gros Bonnets“Tips, rants and news about lingerie and clothes for H+ cup women and girls”

Mademoiselle K

Moje Szycie“czyli wszystko to, co wyszlo spod mojej igly” (a Polish-language blog by the Urkye founder and designer)

Quest for the Perfect Bra“The musings of a D+ braficionado”

Rock the Curves

Science and Silicone

Seins du Sphinx

Sophisticated Pair“Lingerie fit for your curves”

Sweet Nothings“Blogging baking, bras, and body image. Doesn’t everyone deserve a little sweetness?”

That Bra Does Not Fit Her“Your band is too big and your cups are too small.”

The Better Bra Girl “A Canadian Blog about Boobs, Bras, Beauty & Body Image”

The Breast Life“Changing the world, one boob at a time

The Full Figured Chest

The Lingerie Lesbian

Two Cakes on a Plate“A blog about bras and how they should fit”

Undercover Lingerista“Solving all your under-mares…”

UndieGamer “A gamer provides fitting advice, bra reviews and body image insights that she’s arrived at since being properly fitted”

Venusian Glow“A Natural Approach to Great Skin, Healthy Hair and Happy Boobs”

Voluptuously Thin

Weirdly Shaped and Well Photographed“A blog about clothing for curves, bras for giant boobs (and tiny backs!), and escaping the scourge of the dreaded BoobLoaf and ButtChest.”

Wide Curves“Beautiful, happy strong. At any age, any size, any time.”

More Great Advice and Commentary from Less Active Blogs

Absurd Curvy Nerd

Bra Fitting Cidade – “Bra wearer? But do you have it in right size? sure about it? if not look no further, if yes, share your knowledge with us!

Braless in Brasil

Bra Nightmares “Alice in Wonderland searching for bras

Bras I Hate and Love – “A blog for the times when you want something better for your boobs”

BRAvolution“Tips and advice to help women of all sizes find their best fitting bra!”

Busty and Thrifty – “Blogs about mum boobs, clothes for mum figure on a budget”

Busty Girl Comics

Curves Uncovered

CurvyHK “Asian-chested is not an oxymoron”

Dando La Talla“porque hay vida más allá de la copa D

Dimpsey Bra Fit “Discussing bigger bras for girls of slight frame”

Dressing Curves

Fussy Busty“A Plus-Size U.S. Bra Blogger”

GiGi’s GG+

Love Your Bust

MemorBRAble“I wear a UK 30G bra, and I blog about how your size is probably closer to mine than the 34C Victoria’s Secret told you fits.”

Miss Underpinnings“style + big boobs + lingerie

Muscular Hourglass“A blog focused on body image, clothing, and maintenance of an hourglass figure…with a little extra strength”

Never Took Home Ec“Baking, knitting, and other creative outlets”

Obsessed With Breasts “Chronicling the trials and troubles of being  DD+ in an A-D world”

One Girl, Two Cups“Discovering designers, accessories, and photos that keep top heavy girls in mind”

Sevenlies“The chronicles of a Louisiana fashion nerd.”

Sophia Jenner“Lingerie and fashion enthusiast”

StackDD+” Real support, encouragement, and researched info for full-busted (DD cup and up) women”

Thin and Curvy

Undressed to Impress

XL Hourglassy – “Clothes and bras for the extra large hourglass”