My First Experiment, in which I buy shirts that are too big and have them altered [Some of these links are broken and will be restored soon!]

  1. Big Shirt #1
  2. Big Shirt #2
  3. Big Shirt #3
  4. Big Shirt #4

The Results of My First Experiment

Another Alteration, in which I fall in love with a deeply discounted blouse from Banana Republic that cannot be redeemed

Yes You Can Alter that Neckline!

A Reminder of Why Constructed-for-Us Shirts are Better than Altered-for-Us Shirts

  1. Amazing Success Altering My AJ Rumina Shirt
  2. Success to Come with My Carissa Rose Justina Shirt

When is an Alteration Worth It?

Do It Yourself Options:

  1. Full Bust Alterations
  2. DVD: Full Busted? Sew Clothes That Fit! (I bought and lent this to my patternmaker who found it very helpful. You can also find a good review on this H Cup sewer’s Lazystitching blog.

The Made to Measure Option

  1. Moi-Meme Introduction and Experience
  2. Tom James

The Custom Option

  1. Gorgeous Knits from Maria Ficalora:  her studio, my favorites, more favorites
  2. Shirts from Cego
  3. BlueSuits (this link discusses Jamak Khazra’s RTW pieces, but she also makes custom pieces)
  4. Shibui Designs–Dresses for the 50+ Crowd

The Travel-Across-the-Globe Option for Custom Clothing

  1. Hoi An, Vietnam, Part 1
  2. Hoi An, Vietnam, Part 2
  3. Hoi An, Vietnam, Summary
  4. Hoi An, Vietnam, One More Thing

From the Pain-Free Guide to Getting Your Dream Wedding Dress Series

  1. The Off the Rack Option
  2. The Half Muslin Option
  3. The Altered Bustier

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