Pretty Bras (and Other Decadent Pieces) for Big Breasts: Harlow & Fox

PLEASE read my full review of Harlow & Fox on the Campbell & Kate blog today. Many of us can only dream of owning one of Leanna Williams’ designs, but I have tried to capture a fraction of the brand’s intricacy so that, whether you can buy your favorite piece or not, you will understand the thoughtfulness behind its creation. For those of us who can reach for our credit cards, there is a 15% discount code available at the bottom of the Campbell & Kate post. For those of us who need to save our pennies for a splurge, these gorgeous styles aren’t going away–Leanna understands that her pieces are a special treat that take time to afford.

Leah actually got to try the Viola longline bra! Here are her impressions of the 36E, which was the only size that Leanna had with her in New York when Patsy, Leah and I met her in February.

36E harlow fox viola longline front

The band felt really good and stayed in place well despite the bigger size, due to its length and shape. But I was also wearing it on the tightest setting, so in reality I would need to go down a band from the sample. The boob shape was beautifully rounded without being too “oomph”-y. The side slings were very effective. The straps were a DREAM. It felt like I wasn’t wearing anything at all. The fabric was so light and soft and the width allowed good distribution of weight and kept them from digging into my shoulders. The cups were a little shallow on me, but that’s the case with anything but Polish bras for me. Additionally, since the fabric was so soft, the bottom edge of the band did not dig into my sides even though it stopped right at my natural waist. So I think even petite or short-waisted ladies could wear this, it would just have more of a “tankini” look to it than a bustier. You can see a funny little fold in the lace between my boobs, but every longline I’ve ever tried (three different brands aside from H&F) has done this to me. So I don’t think it’s a design flaw, I think it’s just something about the way I’m shaped.

For more about this brand, Miss Underpinnings gave an excellent introduction and review last year; Kelsey wrote about Harlow & Fox on The Full Figured Chest, and The Lingerie Lesbian has even more pretty Harlow & Fox picturesLost in Lingerie‘s review of the French knickers and tie-side briefs includes this amazing video.

A Pressing Issue for Busty Women

Leila’s still on hiatus from her Fit Picky column, but today on the Campbell & Kate blog I feature a great tailor’s tool that is perfect for ironing princess seams and bust darts. When it comes to garment upkeep difficulty, I rank pressing bust-friendly clothing just below getting all the extra water out of our handwashed underwire and contour cup bras. If you long for crisp seams across your curves, then check out this option.

bust darts ironing stripe shirt before after

bust dart ironing before after shaped dartbust darts ironing before after campbell plus kate

Celibrity D+ List: Kristen Anderson-Lopez

Look who I found only after I published my post about full-bust friendly looks on the red carpet last month. Kristen Anderson-Lopez and her husband won the Best Original Song Oscar for “Let It Go” from Frozen.


Here’s the entire hourglass-flattering gown from the front. The black bodice gives her the sleek look of a strapless gown while the pink straps let her wear a regular bra if she wants to.  Whatever bra she’s wearing is giving her great lift, and together with the pink on top and the inverted V’s beneath it, she has nice neckline boobs instead of waistline boobs.


This is the only glimpse I could find of the back. The buttons above the bow make me think it comes high enough for a regular bra.


As much as I like Kristen’s Oscar gown, I like this everyday dress even better. If I see one like it in a store, I’m going to try it for myself! I usually avoid dolman or kimono sleeves because even though they give us plenty of room for our busts, they can make us look a lot bigger than we are. But this dress looks so fresh, and the wrap V-neck and belt are so flattering, that the extra fabric around the chest doesn’t even bother me.



For more on dolman sleeves, see Leila’s post about armholes that can be saved. By the way, look for a new alterations post from Leila next week!

Here are some more full-bust friendly looks on Kristen Anderson-Lopez. Even though most of them are the usual suspects,  I find them inspiring.






kristen anderson lopez cross front black gown

As you look at these pictures, don’t you want to call Kristen up for coffee and go shopping with her?

My Loft Likes for Busty Basics

Shopping maxim: You always find something you love when you’re looking for something else. That’s what happened to me at the Loft yesterday. Usually, I find something I love when I don’t have any money, either, but this time I was armed with a store credit! The 40% off Friends & Family sale helped, too. (I’m not sure how much longer the online sale is going. The in-store sale ended yesterday.)

I was looking for pants, but I only found a couple of pairs of jeans. However, I also found some fresh basics to update my wardrobe for the spring and summer.

First up is the surprise winner, a jersey black and cream polka dot blazer in 12P. The 100% cotton fabric has  super soft sweatshirt feel. And look, Ma–no rolled up sleeves! (If you decide to try this, order two in the same size. The lapel in the first blazer I tried didn’t lie correctly, but it was fine in the second.) [Read more...]