My traditional start-of-the-year hiatus is lasting longer than expected. Basically, I’m recalibrating my life around certain priorities and need to let the process work itself out without giving in to distractions. This means a fast from blogging for a little while longer, so thank you for your patience!

There’s some really, really good news, though–Rosalind is back with a new series beginning tomorrow. She’s going to walk us through a sew-a-long!!! If you’ve ever thought, “I wish I could just sew my own clothes,” this is your chance!

A New Full Bust Clothing Company Enters the Market: Greight

I just discovered this company via Instagram today and have added it to our Clothing for Big Busts page. Thanks to help from Google Translate, I’m impressed with their fresh options and that they aren’t fast fashion. The prices are what you would expect for high quality garments, and I’m looking forward to learning more about them.

Here are my favorites from the site. What are yours?







Going with the Flow

It’s been a fun two and a half weeks filled with vacation, holidays and a birthday, and we still have New Year’s ahead this weekend! As usual at this time of year, my ability to concentrate has flown out the window, and I expect to return to Hourglassy in January refreshed and inspired. See you soon!

A Zip Tip for Big Bust Jacket Shopping

The Friday before vacation, we had a photo shoot for upcoming Campbell & Kate blog posts, and our stylist put together such amazing looks with the faux leather Liz Claiborne jacket that I wrote about last month that I decided not to return it after all.
big bust leather jacket style

On Wednesday I snipped off the tag, zipped it to just under my chest, and confidently wore it into Manhattan with skinny jeans and boots.


All was fine until I removed my coat and sat down in my podiatrist’s waiting room. That’s when I noticed the giant air boobs that the jacket created.


I posted the dilemma on Instagram, and my dear friend Sarah McGiven offered a solution: look for double zippers going forward. I’m sure I’ll get a ton of wear out of this jacket (it cost less than $40 and is already sold out in black on the JCP website), but I’m also sure I’ll be constantly smoothing down the big bust effect when I sit down in it. Maybe I’ll replace the zipper!

Have a wonderful holiday, dear readers, and may any leather jackets that you receive come with double zippers!