Full Bust Find: Byron Lars Mona Dress

You’ve already read my rave about the Byron Lars pieces that I tried at a discount store this summer. Today I’m going to rave about the Mona dress from Beguile by Byron Lars that I tried at Anthropologie last week.

I only took it to the dressing room because it was Byron Lars. I wasn’t particularly interested in the dress itself, but once I took it off the hanger, I found an amazing detail that makes this dress a D+ winner: Wide hooks. Between every. Single. Button. Hole. (This detail makes the dress a winner for those of us with poochy tummies, too!)

big bust help inside beguile byron lars dress

Here is a closeup of my 32FF chest in the size 8 dress. I estimate that there is plenty of room for at least two  cup sizes up.

busty closeup front beguile byron lars dress

Here’s how the rest of it looked on me. I loved that it was form-fitting without being clingy, and I felt super secure with the buttons and hooks.

bust friendly 2 front views beguile byron lars dress

back of bust friendly beguile byron lars dress

The main negative cited by reviewers is a tendency for the crocheted fabric to snag, although I expect the loose weave also means that each snag could be easily fixed.

This dress is also available in petite, but they didn’t carry it in the store I visited.  I’d be curious to try the 12P to see if I prefer that length and if it still fit my bust.

Finally, because I’m partial to clean finishes, here’s an image of what the lining looks like from the inside.

lining inside beguile byron lars dress

Panache Sports Tank Winner

Congratulations to Katherine P! And a giant THANK YOU to everyone who thoughtfully wrote about how to stand out. Readers, you’ll be so inspired when I begin to post their answers next week.

Full Bust Finds: 2 Coats from Surprising Sources

When you think of bust-friendly clothing chains, I bet Club Monaco is far from the top of your list. But the Cadin coat is surprisingly accommodating. I first tried it in my usual size large but found it so roomy that I ventured into a size medium. The smaller size was better for me proportionally and had plenty of space for my boobs with room to spare for bulky layers.

busty friendly cadin coat club monacoIt felt very Audrey Hepburn-ish, and it could be dressed up or down. When I saw it last week, it was marked down to $175, so it’s worth checking your local store if you’re in the market for a bust-friendly coat that’s simple, elegant and original. I’m regretting that I didn’t photograph myself in it–and that I didn’t buy it!

Around this time last year, I showed you an Anthropologie coat fail on me. This morning, I found an Anthropologie coat win in their Fiona style. The size 10 actually buttoned completely without any gapping at my bust! Even more amazing, there’s no distortion of the plaid pattern from any pulling across my chest (while standing naturally)!

bust friendly fiona coat anthropologie

You can’t see it on their website, and it doesn’t even show up in my pictures, but they combine a princess seam with a bust dart–a winning combination for D cups and up.

busty coat anthropologie darts closeup

Although I prefer the ease of zippers, the buttons on this coat were extremely easy and quick to fasten.  This coat is almost too good to be true–a flattering fitted shape in a unique color that fits a 32FF when completely buttoned– so of course there’s a caveat. When I added my cotton knit jacket beneath it, it became tighter at the armholes and pulled slightly at the bust. Because of this, if I were to purchase this coat, I would probably buy it in size 12, which wasn’t on the racks for me to try.

busty coat anthropologie size 10 over layers

If you’ve found a great full-bust-friendly coat this fall, I’d love to hear about it; and if you’re searching for one, you may one to try the two I’ve written about here.

Busty Thrift Find: Be Bop Dress

I’m still here–just catching up after two weeks in Florida to attend to family matters. I ended my trip by driving my mother-in-law from Florida to Pennsylvania this past weekend.

While in Florida, I met my sister for lunch, and she told me she’d seen a purple dress at the thrift store around the corner that would be perfect for me. So we placed our orders at the restaurant and scampered over to the thrift store before the food arrived.

My sister was right! Look what I found for $2.11.

busty purple thrift store find

Those are good ol’ princess seams allowing the dress to fit my bust. Plus, it’s a knit fabric. It’s short enough to wear as a tunic with leggings once I own a pair. The brand is Be Bop, and the size is large.

So much for avoiding ruffles and buttons at the chest!