Where Are They Now? Miriam Baker

It’s only been four months since I highlighted new full bust designer Miriam Baker, but it’s worth highlighting her again because she’s taking the traditional garment industry route of creating seasonal collections to be sold through retailers–most companies that make clothing for large breasts sell directly to their customers. This means that the Miriam Baker Fall/Winter 2015 collection is now up on her website, and I’ve posted some of my favorite looks below.

Miriam and I met for coffee in July when she came to New York City to source fabric for her Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Incredibly, I didn’t take any pictures of us together, but I can assure you that her full grasp of full bust issues is based on personal experience.

Since introducing her to you, two Canadian boutiques are planning to carry her fall line: Tocca Finita and Tucci Armadio. Kudos to these two stores for investing in a new designer and looking out for their customers who wear more than a B cup!

Of course I wish a New York City boutique carried her line, and I bet you’d like to find her clothes in your neighborhood as well. This is actually one way that Miriam could use our help. An internet search from her laptop in Toronto is no substitute for the local intelligence that Hourglassy readers can provide! Is there an upscale boutique in your town that would be a good fit for Miriam Baker’s designs? If so, please let her know, either in the comments below or by email at info [at] Miriam-Baker [dot] com.

And while you’re at it, send her some reminders that what she’s doing is important! Pursuing the dream of dressing D+ cups can be pretty solitary, and there’s nothing more encouraging than hearing from the women who want to wear your clothing. Fortunately for us, Miriam is extremely committed. She reiterated to me that there are two issues that she won’t budge on: sizing for D cups (and above–eventually!) and quality.

She’s also brimming with creativity. She showed me a sneak peak of a fabric print that she has designed for her next collection, and I can’t wait to show it to you when it’s time to tell you where Miriam Baker is for Spring/Summer 2016! Hopefully, that’ll be in a store near you.

miriam baker fw15 evelyn front

Evelyn Dress. CDN $460. Looks demure, right? Scroll to the end to see the back!

Miriam Baker 600

Stephanie body, CDN $190. Ginger skirt, CDN $415.


Natalie dress, CDN $450.



Chrissy pullover, CDN $305. Chrissy skirt, CDN $215. Also comes as a dress.


Caroline body, CDN $180 . Carissa skirt, CDN $330.


The back of the Evelyn dress. I just love this.

Pretty Bras for Big Breasts: Empreinte Again

Empreinte was the inspiration for my very first “Pretty Bras for Big Breasts” post in 2011. Once I saw their bras in person, I longed to own one. As it turned out, I ended up owning the same one twice. First I purchased (and returned) the Kaela and showed you the difference between it and the Melody on me. Then Empreinte gifted me with the Kaela, and I learned the sad lesson that if an Empreinte bra doesn’t tack, it doesn’t fit. My cup size had grown, and I was sized out.

Three things happened recently to cause me to stare longingly at Empreinte again:

First, I’ve drunk the Kool-aid . . . or rather, the champagne! To celebrate the launch of Lingerie Francaise’s new blog, Truly French, Lingerie Francaise invited several bloggers to a dinner with its member brands. I may some day be able to persuade myself again that a bra is just a bra, but right now I’m still inebriated by the idea of lingerie that is “truly French”.

In Empreinte’s case, ALL of its cutting and 20% of its stitching is done in Brest, France, which helps guarantee their quality (the remaining 80% is done in Tunisia, Morocco and Madagascar). Something else “truly French” is their L’Atelier Lingerie that I would love to visit in Paris. Could you imagine having every single bra in your size wheeled into your dressing room?

Second, when Patsy went to Town Shop to find her swimsuit size ahead of our June swimsuit reviews, Empreinte was having a trunk show. She walked away with four Empreinte bras, and she can’t stop raving about them.

Third, as I walked past the Empreinte booth at Curve, I caught a glimpse of this bra hanging on their racks. If Cinderella were to have worn just a bra to the ball instead of a gown, it would have looked like like this. It’s called the Pompadour, and the color is “sky”.

empreinte sky blue pompadour closeup

Empreinte pompadour sky blue briefs closeup

Pompadour will be available in C-G cups and 30-46 bands (depending on the shape, eg., 3/4 balconette or classic with side panels–this applies to all size ranges given below as well).

empreinte sky pompadour model poster

Sky and “powder” (below) ship in January. They are one-time colors.

empreinte pompadour blush closeup

Black ships in December and will be available seasonally.

empreinte pompadour noir on model

If the Pompadour is my fairy tale bra, the Lily Rose is my dream “everyday bra”. The seasonal color “argent” ships in January and comes in C-G and 30-48.

empreinte lily rose closeup

A friend once mocked me for purchasing the matching briefs for my Kaela set. Admittedly, those bottoms were pretty basic, but I can’t imagine owning the Lily Rose without the matching bottoms below.

empreinte lily rose bottoms closeup

Here is another beautiful “everyday” option: the Elsa in “petal”. It also comes in “smoke” and white. It will ship in February and be available in C-G and 30-46.

empreinte elsa blush closeup

empreinte elsa grey closeup

empreinte elsa bottoms

The use of embroidery (vs. lace) and microfiber make Elsa a little less expensive than the more elaborate styles. It retails for $150.

empreinte white elsa on model

Here is the Grace in the one-time color “smoothie”, which ships in March. It will come in C-G and 30-44.

empreinte grace pink closeup

empreinte grace pink bottoms closeup

Excitingly, Empreinte is contributing the Grace in blush (below) or black to our raffle on September 26. If you’re in the area and haven’t already rsvp’d, be sure to do so!

Empreinte Grace

Finally, the ever-popular Melody isn’t going anyway anytime soon, but Empreinte has added a new continuity “color”: gold thread.

empreinte melody gold thread closeup

They took things a step further at Curve by beading and embroidering the Melody live at their booth.

empreinte embroidered melody in my hand

empreinte embroiderer 2

empreinte beadwork description

(Amelie’s day job as a prototype engineer actually involves grading the bras.)

empreinte embroidery step 1

empreinte embroidery on mannequin

You’ve probably noticed that every bra I’ve mentioned goes to a G cup, but Empreinte currently offers two styles that go to an H in their full cup shapes: Thalia and Irina (C-H from a 32; to a G in 30). The Thalia “lagoon” color has been out for a while, so it may be difficult to find in an H cup in anything other than neutrals, but look for a gorgeous turquoise called “Pacific” in March (you can see it peeping out from beneath the smoothie Grace above).

As for Irina, when I saw it in “Byzance” on the Bits of Lace website while researching for today’s post, I realized that I have been seriously behind in covering Empreinte! This FW15 color just shipped on August 15, so it’s still available in H cups from a 32 band and to a G cup in the 30 band (in the demi shape).

empreinte irina

I made up for lost time by contacting Empreinte for information on the FW15 styles, and I post the pictures they sent me after the jump for those of you who love looking at luxury lingerie that fits big busts as much as I do. I also post some of the SS16 swimsuit styles . . . just because. Enjoy! [Read more…]

Where Are We Now?

My grand ambition for the month of August was to revisit some of the startup brands that we’ve written about in the past and ask, “Where are they now?” It seemed like a perfect (there’s that word again!) follow-on to Curve and a great way to highlight the brands that work so hard to meet the needs of our full bust readership.

On the way to August, however, we had a surprisingly sparse July. We had a lot of days with no new content, and I was overdue for an Hourglassy identity crisis. So instead of asking where the brands are, I’ve been asking where we are. You may have been wondering the same thing.

Happily, each of us remains passionate about affirming women with busty body types and providing insights and resources for living with large breasts. However, you know the phrase “champagne taste on a beer budget”? Well, I have full-time dreams for Hourglassy on a part-time schedule! In fact, there aren’t enough hours in a day to accomplish all that I’d like to do with Hourglassy.

My “aspirational” time management style has been catching up with me. While I’m not even going to pretend that I can tear myself away from HourglassyI already tried and failed at that in 2012–I’m going to have to be strict with myself about only writing once a week. You’ll also continue to hear from Leah every Friday. Things are a little up in the air with Patsy and Mia, so I’ll let each of them update you on their schedules the next time they write.

I don’t plan to be strict with myself this week, however. Tomorrow I’m going to squeeze in one more post about a brand of lingerie that’s as aspirational as my time management style: gorgeous French lingerie from Empreinte.

Here Comes Pour Moi. Watch Out, Victoria’s Secret!

I’d seen the reviews on Invest In Your Chest, but since Pour Moi wasn’t available at brick and mortar stores in the U.S., I didn’t pay much attention. That changed when I met Michael Thomson, the company’s founder, at Curve last week.

Here are the retail prices for their bras that go up to a British J cup: $40 and $44. That’s U.S. dollars. Basically, he’s charging U.S. customers the same price they’d pay if they bought his bras in the U.K.! Lucky for us, he’s doing this by absorbing the extra cost until he can set up a Pour Moi warehouse in the United States.

If he set up brick and mortar stores in the U.S., I believe he would give Victoria’s Secret a run for their money. Interestingly, brick and mortar stores are exactly how Thomson began. He stocked his three stores with other full bust brands, studied their fit, and paid attention to customer feedback as he developed his own line with these three priorities:

  • accessible price
  • great fit
  • a little big different.
pour moi 1

Besides continuity white, the Amour will come out in coral in February. This non-padded underwire is one of seven Pour Moi styles available to a 30J, and it retails for $40.

pour moi 3

I love the contrast between the lining and the underwires. Thomson explained that unpadded Pour Moi bras are constructed of an outside layer together with two laminates of fabric on the inside to maintain rigidity. Other manufacturers often use a single laminate.

pour moi 2

The Amour will also be available in Ink in November and Zest in April. According to Thomson, the Amour is “a boob job in a bra”.

As Thomson puts it, Pour Moi is “meant to be fun, fab, and you buy lots of it“. Here’s what I love about his statement and the rest of my conversation with Thomson: he never limited his brand to “young”. I realized this when Thomson’s husband told me how much his own 70-year-old mother loves this Obsession bra in cream. In fact, Pour Moi’s own designer has just turned 60! As you might suspect, the company’s philosophy is to design with a spirit in mind rather than an age.

pour moi 15

If you look closely, you can see the strapping detail above the cups. This style goes from a 30 to 40G. The retail price is $53. Leah and I both loved the ruffled lace at the bottom of the band, not just because it’s so pretty but also because it seems unlikely to roll or stretch.

This Obsession half pad bra goes to a G cup and retails for $52.

pour moi 18

The ivory/black comes out in January.

The Forbidden half pad bra also goes to a G cup and retails for $52.

pour moi 12

This purple comes out in January. It also comes in a continuity color of black/pink, and cherry comes out in October.

pour moi 14

The matching Forbidden briefs have strapping as well.

Now here’s a really fun style that launches in September–the Cabaret! It goes up to a G cup.

pour moi 19

Black comes out next month. Red comes out in January. Retail is $44 for the underwire bra, $52 for the cami, $26 for the brief, and $22 for the thong.

pour moi 20

At the other end of the spectrum is their upcoming Sheer & Opaque collection that is meant to be “sleek and sophisticated” for everyday wear. I don’t have launch dates in my notes, but I’ll try to update you with the info soon.

pour moi 10

The longline retails for $47 and goes to a G cup.

pour moi 11

There are many more beauties to share with you, but for now I’ll close with another new style, the Cherish, that caught my eye with its gathers along the underwires. The padded, underwired and soft versions of this bra go to a G cup, and there is a side support version that goes to a J.

pour moi 6

Besides coming in continuity blush, this style will also be available in continuity colors of smoke (October), black (January) and white (March).

I haven’t even touched on their swimwear, but that’ll have to be another post.

With their depth of design, cup sizes that extend beyond the common G, and super affordable prices, I’m hoping that Pour Moi will help more D+ women in the United States make the switch from Victoria’s Secret to the transformative power of proper fit.