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Off the Rack ~ Reviewing the Pinup Girl Clothing “Jenny” Dress

This week, I’m writing a long overdue review of the Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny dress. I bought this beauty a year ago and only wore it a couple times for some reason. I’ve been hankering to wear it again for ages now, but the cold weather kept me from doing so. But then I picked up a perfectly coordinating bolero, and finally made it comfortable enough for the unusually cold spring we’ve been having in New York City. I completely forgot how much I loved it, and it seems to fit even better now, after sitting in my closet for several months, than it did when it was new!

Though I usually buy PUG in size medium, this time I went with a large. My measurements are 37”-29”-41” and height 5’6”.

When the dress first arrived, I posted a photo and described its fit in one of my Facebook pinup groups, and I managed to dig the picture back up to compare fit when it was new to fit now:

pug jenny

Here’s what I wrote at the time:

“I got a large. I’m normally a medium in PUG. My waist is just over 29” and my bust is 37″. The waist is slightly snug and the bust is perfect. Since the size chart says large is supposed to fit waist 29.5”-30.5” and bust 38”-40”, I’d say the size chart is running small, at least for this size. I think a 30.5” waist would be rather uncomfortable and a 40” bust would be squashed. Works well for me, though! My only complaint is it makes me look smaller-busted than I am since it doesn’t really curve under my boobs. But maybe it will flex closer to my shape as I wear it more.”

The founder of Pinup Girl Clothing, Laura Byrnes, later commented on the post: “Take into account that the sateen is similar to jeans fabric in that it loosens up considerably with wear. So you should expect snugness at first zip, if you wish your fit to be “comfortably form fitting.’”

I still tend to agree with my initial assessment that it runs on the small side. I measured the waist tonight, and it’s 14.5” flat—so 29” total. That’s perfect for me, since I like a slightly snug fit at the waist, but I still have a hard time believing a 30.5” waist would feel comfortable in it. While the sateen may have give, it’s fully lined in a satiny fabric, so there’s not substantial stretch by any means.

As for the bust, I was also correct in assuming the boning would conform to my shape after a few wears. The couple of times I wore it last year were weekdays, so I was sitting at my desk at work all day, and the boning really did conform to my curves. And even after being squished in my closet for 6 months, the curve is still present. Let’s get to some photos, and then I’ll give more details and fit advice below.

Here’s how I styled it on a cool day—Trashy Diva “Bonnie” bolero in magenta stretch satin (purchased on eBay for only $18!), belt, and a pair of low boots.

Here’s how I styled it on a cool day—Trashy Diva “Bonnie” bolero in magenta stretch satin (purchased on eBay for only $18!), belt, and a pair of ankle boots.

Here’s how it looks on its own.

Here’s how it looks on its own.






Compared to the first photo, I think my boobs are substantially more visible here, with none of the sports bra flatness of the first look. Additionally, whereas I was initially skeptical that a 40” bust would fit well in this dress, now that it’s got a permanent curve, I think it looks like there’s plenty of room to spare. Moreover, I expect the boning to curve deeper under my bust the more I wear it.

Many women remove the boning from these dresses, but I would definitely recommend against doing that, at least until you give the boning a chance to meld to your shape.

So let’s talk about some of the other great features. First up, there are fabulously generous pockets in this dress. I can confidently carry my iPhone around without worrying that it’ll slip out. Even better, the pockets are slightly toward the front of the skirt instead of exactly at the sides of my hips, making them much easier to find within all that gathered fabric.

And speaking of the gathered skirt, it looks pretty limp in these shots since it was crushed between other garments in my closet for so long. But if you hang it upside down and fold the skirt over, it poofs back up. Or you can wear a petticoat, which this skirt is just made for. I was actually a little relieved to see it had lost so much volume, since a giant poofy skirt is a bit much for work.

Another great thing about this dress is that the straps are fully adjustable. This was excellent news for me, because I have rather high-set boobs, and most strappy tops and dresses need to have the straps shortened in order to fully cover my side-bra and not have indecent levels of cleavage.

Even better, the strap placement amost perfectly lines up with bra straps! In these photos, I’m wearing a Cleo Lily bra in 30FF. The straps of the dress are the exact width of the bra straps. Ordinarily I would have worn this dress with a strapless bra, but I skipped it this time because I knew I’d be wearing the bolero all day. But seeing as the Cleo Lily matches so closely, and the straps are a coordinating shade of pink, I may skip the strapless altogether!



All in all, I would say that the Jenny dress is a surprise big-boob option. The waist runs smaller than the size chart would suggest and the bust runs accurate.



Off the Rack ~ Pinup Girl Clothing “Peasant Top” vs. Vixen by Micheline Pitt “Powder Puff Top”

I’ve long been a fan of Pinup Girl Clothing (as attested by the many reviews I’ve written here on Hourglassy). But in the last year or so, the quality and customer service have been suffering.

Additionally, I’m feeling that the designs they put out seem more and more juvenile. There’s nothing wrong with that, per se, but as I get older, I’m gravitating more toward clothes that look more authentic vintage and less kitschy. Of course I’ll always stick by my bright colors, but more and more I’m choosing prints that are less cartoony and silhouettes that are less doll-like.

As such, I was pleased to see that Micheline Pitt, former PUG model and senior designer, has branched out into her own company called Vixen by Micheline Pitt that’s already getting rave reviews. Micheline was responsible for the “Deadly Dames” PUG range, which was a sexier, more mature and occasionally racy line of garments. After a falling out with PUG, she’s taken that style and run with it.

To be honest, so far there isn’t that much by Vixen that I feel the impulse to buy. The makeup prints and all the pink do nothing for me. But I’ve read tons of positive reviews, and I recently joined a Vixen Facebook fan group in which Micheline herself pops up to answer questions and give sneak peeks of upcoming items. I’m really impressed with the customer service and positive feedback, so last week I used a coupon for and picked out a “Powder Puff Top” to try.

Since I need another black or red shirt like I need a hole in my head, and goodness knows I can’t keep a white shirt clean to save my life, I went with the only remaining color—light pink.

I’m not much of a pink wearer, especially baby pink like this, but I’ve also been looking for a potential replacement for my PUG peasant tops, and thought it would be a good idea to compare the pink Vixen top to my pink PUG top. The PUG peasant tops are not entirely boob-friendly, but they come in an array of colors and go really well with high-waisted bottoms, so they’re a good basic despite the fit issues.

Unfortunately for this review, the PUG tops are actually in the midst of a redesign, and I only have the old style. So this comparison of the two shirts is going to be outdated pretty soon. But I hope it’s helpful in the meantime!

Both these shirts are a medium, and I measure 37”-29”-41” with a height of 5’6” and bra size 28G–30G (UK) depending on brand. In these photos, I’m wearing the Fantasie 4510 Molded Smoothing Tee-Shirt Bra in 30FF.

First up, here is the old PUG peasant top:

peasant old

And the new one: [Read more…]

Off the Rack ~ Reviewing the Pinup Girl Clothing “Dorothy” Dress

Quick and short dress review this week: The Dorothy Dress from the Junebugs & Georgia Peaches collection at Pinup Girl Clothing.

When this collection first came out, I was super excited. There were several dresses that I immediately knew I’d be buying. But by the time the first pieces started becoming available, I was less interested. Still, I ended up trying two, the Dee Dee and the Dorothy.

Dee Dee

Dee Dee



I received the Dee Dee first. While the construction was really stellar, featuring a lined bodice and skirt, voluminous pockets, and darts under the bust and on the sides to make it boob-friendly, it just felt way too doll-like for my taste once I had it on. Luckily, the Dorothy is actually rather similar, featuring a contrasting pointed Peter Pan collar, sleeve cuffs, and belt, but with a less full skirt and hidden pockets, for a more streamlined, grown-up look.

Also like Dee Dee, Dorothy is one of the highest quality garments I’ve ordered from PUG. The bodice is lined in satiny fabric and the belt has grommets instead of being a stupid slide belt that doesn’t stay tight.

I measure 37″-29″-41″, and it feels a wee bit tighter in the waist compared to other size medium dresses I’ve purchased, but there’s enough stretch in the fabric that it’s not uncomfortable.

My photos are color accurate. It's more of a dark red than the bright cherry you see in the stock photo.

My photos are color accurate. It’s more of a dark red than the bright cherry you see in the stock photo.


As for boob-friendliness, it fits me beautifully, but I could see it being problematic for ladies with a bigger bust than mine due to the underbust seam and the way it’s gathered. The seam does remain cleanly under my bust, not resting on breast tissue, but the volume is all in the outer corners of the gathered section, so I suspect substantially more boob volume than mine might be a little squished toward the center.



My one real complaint about the dress is that the pockets stick out weirdly. I suspect it’s a combination of the stiffness of the fabric and that my hips are probably wider than the skirt is designed for. You can see the phenomenon in the model photos on the PUG site, though, so I think it’s probably unavoidable.



Lastly, it’s hard to see in the online photos, so take note of the fact that the back swoops quite low, and as such I found it difficult to get the zipper up those last two inches. And unless my husband is there to do up the hook and eye, the zipper tends to creep down those two inches throughout the day even if I manage to zip it all the way up.

In the end, I wouldn’t hesitate to say this is one of my favorite PUG pieces. I’m tempted to also order the black with cream trim, which has a cute Wednesday Addams vibe going on. I hope they continue to release more colors in future seasons!


Off the Rack ~ Hell Bunny Alexa Cardigan and Pinup Girl Clothing Luscious Dress Reviewed

Throughout the year, I’ve picked up some great bust-friendly clothes and never got around to writing about them, so unless something more pressing pops up in the next few weeks, I’ll be catching up on some reviews. This week it’s the Hell Bunny Alexa cardigan and the Pinup Girl Clothing Luscious dress.

I’ve been on a bit of a nautical kick lately. I own several garments that have sailor collars or anchors on them. Recently I picked up the Hell Bunny Alexa cardigan, which has an actual collar that flaps around on the back instead of simply being embroidered on.



So cute! I was a little unsure of sizing since cardigans can be tricky for big-bust ladies. But after searching the internet for reviews and photos of Hell Bunny cardigans, I decided to go with my usual medium instead of sizing up to a large for the sake of potential button gaping.

The fabric (81% viscose and 19% nylon) is super stretchy and the medium is definitely appropriate for my 29″ waist. There is some pulling on my 37″ bust, but luckily there’s a nice, thick strip of grosgrain ribbon lining the inside of the button placket and the button holes, so the potential for button gaping is minimal. You can see that the line isn’t quite perfectly straight, but I think the only way to achieve that would be to size up and I really wanted it to be figure-hugging, so this is fine.

I love the bow at the neck. It’s so precious. And obviously the sailor collar round back is perfect. The anchors are embroidered around their edges and then there’s polka dot fabric inside the anchor providing those little spots.

I do think the arm length is rather odd. It just covers my elbows and it feels weird. I keep wanting to push it above my elbows or pull it down to be true three-quarters length. I think it looks perfectly fine, but it feels strange to have all this fabric bunched up in my elbow, especially since it’s cuffed here so it’s really two layers.

I bought this sweater from a UK-based store on, but it can also be found on several US websites such as and, among others.

As for the Luscious dress (also size medium), I actually bought this lovely two years ago! I never reviewed it for some reason—yet it’s my favorite item I’ve ever ordered from PUG. I even own it in another color, the navy with red trim.




I’m wearing it with an old Freya Deco in 28G. It’s not quite work-appropriate, but the cleavage isn’t too excessive (though bigger ladies may beg to differ).

This dress is so comfortable! It’s a rather thick 97% cotton and 3% spandex blend that feels like light, stretchy sweatshirt material. It pulls on over the head so there are no scratchy fasteners. It’s also got the “double-dip” neckline that is ever so flattering on busty women.

Even though I adore it, there are some issues. For one thing, even though that lack of fasteners makes it very cozy once on, it’s difficult to get over your head and boobs since the waist doesn’t open up—and even harder to get off! I have to bend way over and pull it by the skirt and shimmy out of it. Make sure you take your glasses or hair accessories off first too, or else they’ll be pulled off with the dress.

Additionally, the sizing is a little inconsistent. The navy version of this dress that I have is significantly tighter. It’s not visible to other people, but I can feel a real difference. As such, the navy is even more of a struggle to get on and off. I know black dye tends to make fabric less stretchy, so perhaps the dark blue color is to blame. I wouldn’t really know for sure unless I tried other colors to compare.

The worst thing about this dress, though, is that the first time I washed it, the black trim bled all over the skirt. I even washed it in cold water! When I pulled it out of the machine, I was shocked to see all these dark blue blotches. I threw it back in with Oxy-Clean (a non-chlorine color-safe stain lifter)—twice!—but the blotches wouldn’t go anywhere.

Disregard the small darker dot near the bottom. It’s a grease spot from my pizza dinner tonight (oops!).

Disregard the small darker dot near the bottom. It’s a grease spot from my pizza dinner tonight (oops!).


The worst offender. The big triangle on the right is an inch and a half wide.

The worst offender. These are not grease spots. The big triangle on the right is an inch and a half wide.

These photos were taken with no flash and no filter. The blotches are color accurate. This also happened with the light pink Natalie dress (with black trim) I used to own. So I guess I should have known better, but usually cold water staves off bleeding! PUG really needs to start pre-washing their dark trims. I’ve since read that a vinegar-water soak should set fabric dye so it doesn’t bleed, so I would definitely recommend trying that before washing the first time.

PUG offers these dresses in six colors now, each with a different item embroidered on the shoulders: mint with black trim (mermaid embroidery), navy with red (pirate octopus), black with baby pink (drunk elephant), red with black (pinup girl), sky blue with black (Neverland pirate skull), and bubblegum pink with black (swans).

While I love the two I own, I’m really not into any of the other colors or embroideries. I hope they make more in darker colors like teal, plum, or rust, and I really want one with tattoo-style swallows embroidered on it. There’s a leopard print coming soon as well, but I’m so not a fan of the weird two-tone print.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 9.37.28 PM