Impish Lee and You and Me Next Week at Nora Gardner

Words and images on a blog don’t do justice to encountering Impish Lee in person, but Leah did a great job trying when she told you how inspired we were by Impish Lee at Curve in August.  If you’re in or near Manhattan next week, YOU can  design your own lingerie with the two sister co-founders themselves! Here’s the Eventbrite link with all the details.

Below you can see Leah coming up with the color combinations she wants for her own design.

impish lee leah

We loved the metallic waistband on these shorts.

impish mesh metal shorts

This is co-founder Kali, and yes, her bodysuit CAN be made to fit fuller busts.

impish kali

Finally, I’m especially excited that Nora Gardner has opened her flagship store to us. Remember the Evelyn dress I raved about in May? Nora Gardner’s recent IG post further proves how bust-friendly it is!

nora gardner evelyn bust friendly

We’d LOVE to see you there!

Off the Rack ~ Curve Expo Spring/Summer 2018 Part III: Panache

I’m still catching up on the Curve Expo Spring/Summer 2018 (two months after it happened!). Apologies, readers, for my semi-absence within the last couple months. Work and obligations (weddings, etc.) have been relentless. I’ll be off next week, on vacation in Yosemite, but I’ve got one more Curve post and then a whole lineup of other topics after that. So enjoy this week’s post, and I’ll see you in a couple weeks!

This week, I’m catching up with the Panache family. The biggest news is that “Panache Black” line has been rolled into regular Panache, with the most popular “Black” styles sticking around. Additionally, the Cleo and Panache swimwear collections are now just “Panache Swim.” To be honest, I’m disappointed that Cleo Swim is no more. It really shows in this season’s offerings. It’s lacking the bright, youthful designs that appeal to me.

Well, let’s get to the highlights, starting with Panache regular:

This is the classic Jasmine bra, in a subtle animal print (which was a trend among several brands).

This is the classic Jasmine bra, in a subtle animal print (which was a trend among several brands).

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