Doing You a Full Bust Favor: Evie Curve on Instagram (You’re Welcome!)

What’s on your wish list when you’re looking for big bust fashion inspiration? How about someone who:

  1. has Sofia Vergara’s measurements (but “half her stature”),
  2. has a background in fashion buying and merchandising, so she’s on top of the latest trends,
  3. actually wears the trends, and
  4. makes getting dressed look fun and do-able again?

That would be @Eviecurve in Australia.eviecurve bell sleeves

eviecurve fun dress

Naturally large-breasted, she’s posted photos of herself wearing Curvy Kate and Fantasie. Any guess as to what strapless she’s wearing in the pic below?

eviecurve strapless bra

She points out clothing brands I’ve never heard of that are great for large busts, although sadly most of them are in Australia.

eviecurve gossip girl blue dress

eviecurve wheelsanddollbaby

eviecurve sacha drakes

She looks like a model and has a sister who takes amazing photographs, but even though everything is carefully staged, she comes across as super relatable . . . just a woman working through what to wear in real life. Which is why she can still get the “accidental keyhole shirt”, as she likes to call it. (Of course I’m dying to put her in one of my shirts.)

eviecurve red gap

Nothing she wears seems to be manufactured specifically for the large bust, and many of her necklines are the go-to choice of all busty women–scoops, V’s and portraits–but I’m fascinated with the fresh and contemporary looks that result when she pairs her tops and bottoms. Great shoes and accessories don’t hurt!

eviecurve go to spring look

eviecurve nautical

eviecurve cowl

After you scroll through the @eviecurve Instagram feed, I’d love to hear what looks inspire you.


  1. Miss Dell says:

    Awesome! Thanks for this! I am going to start following her.

  2. Miss Dell says:

    On Instagram it says Mystique is the brand. I’ve never heard of this brand and a quick google search kept directing me to Le Mystere. Any chance you can do some sleuthing and let your readers know more?

    • I will contact brava lingerie where I purchased and will get more details and where to buy online. It is a stunning bra/bustier! I have steered away from strapless dresses but now I feel comfortable and confident enough in this bustier.

  3. Hi there!!!! What an absolute honour to be featured on your blog. The strapless bra I am wearing in the off shoulder dress is by the brand Mystique. I will try to find out more details and if can easily be purchased world wide. I also wear it with a shape wear skirt to create more of a streamline effect.
    Cheers, Evie

  4. Ok….. the bra/bustier is actually by the brand Le Mystere not Mystique. Eeeeek brain not working!!!! So happy you love my insta feed. I’ll be hoping to feature more bras for large busted women soon. Hopefully available in your country. Cheers, Evie xxx