Leah at the Launch

Sorry there’s no Off the Rack this week. I kidnapped Leah to my pop up shop launch last night, and Miss Non-Corporate finally tried on my shirts. She loved the way the 6M fit. For reference, her waist measured 31″ and her bust measured 37″, and she’s wearing an amazing Avocado Comexim bra under the shirt.




  1. No, it was a Comexim bra!

  2. I’ve been on a blouse making binge myself over the past couple of months – there is nothing as flattering on us larger busted women than a great fitting blouse which is so hard to find in RTW – usually they end up a big cotton box. Your blouse looks fabulous – such a great fit!

  3. Laurie W says:

    Is there any chance you might expand your size range, at least as a custom option? I have looked at the size chart on the C&K site, and once again I find I am sized out. I measure 46-47″ in the bust, and would likely fit a size 18L, if you made such a size. It is very frustrating for me that so many “full bust” clothing lines only fit up to about a 44″ bust. I have run into the same issue with several other full bust brands, including DD Atelier and Urkye. Overall, I would say that about 2/3 of the full bust clothing brands I have looked at do not have a size to fit me.