Bad News, Good News for Big Busts in the U.S.

Let’s get the bad news over with first.
Although DD Atelier has seen very good sales in the United States since opening its warehouse here, as a small online retailer, it makes better financial sense not to divide its inventory across two continents. Sadly, DD Atelier has decided to close its United States warehouse. Fortunately, returns will be still accepted in the United States–they know how important this is for their customers!
Now the good news: everything in their New Jersey warehouse is priced to go!  The clearance sale continues until April 1 when they will ship all unsold stock back to Russia. Sale items ship from New Jersey, so US customers can start wearing their new clothes right away. As usual, returns can be made to their New Jersey address unless an item has been marked Final Sale.


  1. Miss Dell says:

    I just placed an order for the Cayenne Top and skirt. Hopefully I will love them because they are final sale. One weird thing, all prices were in US dollars until I clicked to place my order, then everything changed into Euros. Exactly the same numbers, but with the Euro symbol. I wonder whether I will get charged in Euros.

    • Hi, Miss Dell. The Cayenne top and skirt are not final sale. We’ll check it. For the euro\US dollars sign – all our charges are in USD, prices in EURO are given for comparison only, for Customers convenience, if they choose Euro as currency. Don’t worry about it))

  2. Darlene C. says:

    That’s strange! I ordered the Cayenne top, too! I went to their warehouse in person yesterday afternoon because I wanted to try the Scotland dress to see if I’d need it shortened and if that could happen w/ the fringe. Happily, it doesn’t need shortening! With the Cayenne top, I had to size up to an 80F–the 80D fit, but was super fitted. I just double checked the website–the Cayenne top doesn’t specify that it’s final sale, so you can exchange it if you find you need to get a larger size.

    • Miss Dell says:

      Thanks Darlene! I hope it fits, but if not I’ll exchange. The currency thing was weird but I’m not going to worry about it at this point.

  3. Sorry to hear Darlene. Wishing all the best to Olga and DD-atelier!