A New Big Bust Story from Natori: + Support to a U.S. H Cup

Four months ago, a friend told me she was going to the Nordstrom’s in Menlo Park, New Jersey. I’d long been pestering her to get a bra fitting, so I insisted she visit the lingerie department while there. Before sending her off, I measured her underbust at 30″ and suggested she try a 32 band since she didn’t like things too tight. She returned with two Natori Feathers bras in 34DD because the Nordstrom fitter said they had no D+ cup sizes in 32 bands.

If this story took place after April 20, 2015, it could have a very different ending because that’s when Natori will launch Natori + Support, its new full-bust line in 30-42 DD-H (U.S.)*. It’s common knowledge that Nordstrom’s is supposed to carry 32 bands in brands like Freya, but perhaps they need an extra push to carry smaller bands with larger cups from a blockbuster brand like Natori. Natori + Support includes Pure Allure, their large-bust version of the top-selling Feathers bra. So next time my friend goes bra-shopping at Nordstrom’s, maybe the fitter will put her in the right size!

natori h cup pure allure feathers

While just as soft to the touch as the Feathers, the Pure Allure uses a power mesh over the cups.

natori h cup pure allure feathers back

The power mesh and lace extend all the way around.

One of the sales reps loves her Pure Allure so much that she let me take a picture of it on her. She’s wearing a 34G here, but she admitted that she’d been eating out so much that she should be wearing a 34H.

34G Natori pure allure on sales rep

34G natori pure allure profile sales rep

Nice lift and rounded profile.

34G natori pure allure front under dress sales rep

Now I want to know where she got that dress.

Pure Allure will be available in Black/Charcoal, Natural, Vivid Violet and Light Pansy. (Pure Allure is actually the one style that is also available to a 44 band.) Two more Natori + Support styles that become available on April 20 are Smooth Scroll and Chic Comfort. The retail price for these bras is $66-$74.

h cup natori smooth scroll

Smooth Scroll will be available in Black/Café, Light Mocha/Cashmere, and Rouge/Tulle.

I don’t have a picture of the Chic Comfort, but it’s a basic tee shirt contour bra with a nice sweetheart neckline that will come in Black, Buff, and Wild Orchid.

On May 20 the True Decadence demi contour and True Decadence cut-and-sew arrive in Black/Café, Café/Ivory, and Hot Pink/Cashmere.

H cup natori True Decadence contour

H cup natori true decadence cut and sew

Later in the year things REALLY start turning beautiful! I’m most excited about Seduction, shipping September 20 in Gunmetal, Café, and Ayame.

h cup natori seduction gun metal

h cup natori seduction deep color

Toujours ships on July 20 in Black/Silver Dusk, Café/Ivory, and Midnight/Slate Blue. The Cranberry/Cashmere below ships on October 20. All three-part cups have a rigid side with a soft top.

h cup natori toujours

Finally, Satin Fleur ships on August 20 in Black, Buff, and Spearmint.The color in this photo is Deco Pink, which ships on November 20.

h cup natori satin fleur

Naturally, you can expect to find Natori + Support online at Nordstrom’s. For those of you who usually order online, I asked how the bands tend to run and was told that “Natori bands tend to run very true to sizes. That’s why we are so well known for comfort, fit, fabrication, and feel.” So it looks like we’ll need a few reviews to see how “true to sizes” compares to the other big bust brands we’re already familiar with.

Finally, for those of you who want to try the brand in person, here is a list of stores that will carry Natori + Support. If there’s a specific style and size you’re looking for, be sure to tell your store to order it!
















*Natori + Support’s cup size progression is: DD – DDD (UK E) – G (UK F) – H (UK FF)

 (Side note: 36-38 bands will also be available in D cups.)


  1. I’m amazed- I’ve actually been to three stores on the list!
    My mom and I would make the trek to Bare Necessities when I was in high school and early college since that was the only place we knew carried my size within an hour and a half drive (they were also the first to suggest she really wasn’t a 34AA/B, really a 32C/D). Also where I bought my wedding longline. At the time, they had an in-house seamstress to do bra alterations, not sure if they still do.

    I’ve gone to Bra La La twice since it is near my last internship in grad school. Not a huge selection in the 28 range but fairly priced and a variety of women could easily shop there. They were good about ordering me the sizes/colors I wanted as well and keeping me updated on the status.

    Now Bloomers I’ve only gone in because it is on the canine trick-or-treating route. They used to have a Shirlington store as well but closed that this winter. I really wish they carried a wider range, maybe this is a sign they will in the future? They did have a nice selection of cute pajamas and robes.

    • Darlene C. says:

      Somehow I am not surprised that you’ve been to three of these stores! You really are a bra scout.

      • We’re planning on taking Olive to Old Town tomorrow, maybe I’ll pop into Bloomers and just take a look at their band range. (Probably a fair warning to anyone visiting that store, they are dog friendly so not allergen-free although everyone I saw there kept their dogs away from the clothing)

  2. Interesting. Natori is adding another full bust line starting at 30 band and going to H cup.
    She already has Natori that goes to H and N by Natori that goes to H – both start at 30 band.

    I’m excited when she has bands starting at 28 and less and going to J/K.

    I buy her bras from her website and online.
    I have the Reverie in H , its one of my favorites. There are several from N by Natori I like too :

    This is the Reverie – Starts at 30 to H , mine is a 34H , I should be in a 36 H but the 34 is big I’m wearing on the tightest setting.
    I would like the Reverie bandless and low gore.


    I’m glad to know this , can’t wait to try the new line.


    • Darlene C. says:

      Thanks for this info, Vicki. I’m pretty confused now, but at least they’re adding more styles. I LOVE the Reverie you’ve just made me aware of!!!

  3. You know you just made me cry, right?

    I so want to fit into N or Natori. And I can’t. They need to expand to I/J cups.

    When I tried N and Natori previously, I found them to be very consistent in band/size and fit – more like Freya or Fantasie in band length than Panache.

    • Darlene C. says:

      Awwww, WideCurves! You know I only care about Natori because you speak so highly of the brand, right? I was hoping this news would somehow be good for you. 🙁

  4. I went to Nordstrom recently and they did have DD+ bras in 32 bands for other brands (Panache,Chantelle). They tried to put me in a 34 band though and I had to tell them I wanted 32 band. Their fitting method is they measure the band (and add 4!) and for cup size they don’t measure you – they look at the bra size you are wearing, bring out the “fit bra” (a specific Chantelle bra style) in your size and a few near sizes, look at how it fits, and they repeat you trying on the “fit bra” in various sizes until it fits properly and then call that your bra size.

    • Darlene C. says:

      When my friend told the fitter that I’d told her she needed a 32, the fitter actually asked who I was, as if it made a difference. I’m thinking this particular store didn’t carry any 32DD+’s, although it would seem like a national department store should have some uniformity of selection (on the other hand, I realize that some stores like Macy’s adopt a regional approach to what they stock). But you’re saying even if every store offered 32DD+ options, my friend still could have ended up in her 34DD because of Nordstrom’s fitting method . . . . Too bad.

      • I think it depends on the Nordstroms fitter unfortunately. I went back there to exchange the bra I bought because there was way too much lace showing under clothes. When I tried on a different bra the other fitter was much better at her job in noticing subtle fit issues I was having with a particular bra style. When I mentioned that she was much better than the other fitter she said “she’s new”. But my main point was that some Nordstroms carry 32DD+ bras.

        • Darlene C. says:

          You’re right–that’s always going to be an issue with any bra fitting service provider. Some are more qualified than others. But if EVERY Nordstrom’s stocked 32DD+ options, hopefully that would preclude giving the we-don’t-have-anything-in-your-size default to sister sizing.

  5. This isn’t Natori’s first foray into this size range, though–I have the Fatale in three colorways in a US 34H!

    • (and got all of them at a Nordstrom Rack)

      • Nordstrom in Vegas had the new Natori and N on the floor in store when they came out.

        Dillard’s also had N .

        I agree Natori has had full bust for a long time.

        • Darlene C. says:

          From what I understand, N by Natori doesn’t use the same quality of materials . . . will be interesting to compare.

    • Darlene C. says:

      I just googled that style and it’s gorgeous. AND I found it in 30H (last one left) on 6PM. I thought I’d done my due diligence by asking about N by Natori, but clearly I should have asked more questions! To me it’s good news that this isn’t their first foray into higher cups/smaller backs because I hate when brands over-promise and under-deliver. Hopefully they’ve worked out any of the kinks that normally arise when brands try to tackle these sizes.

      • FWIW, I like it as a light-duty everyday bra–natural shape, not a lot of complicated hoisting, but good support. (And I love the color combinations; the teal/neon yellow is my favorite.)

        • Darlene C. says:

          It’s really helpful to get this intelligence from you. The contour bras don’t look like major supporters to me, but the Pure Allure looks like it’s doing a good job for the sales rep. That teal/neon yellow sounds fantastic! Some of Natori’s designs look like they can be found anywhere, but others are an original contribution to our options . . . kind of like Claudette but with more sophistication.

          • Their contour bras are great for support. My bust is heavy and large ,the cups are firm ( not as firm as the Deco but close)but soft lining and comfortable. They give a great round shape.

            While I have had seamed bras , I like T shirt bras a lot because of their smooth invisibility and round shape.

            Natori creates all her own clothing, undergarments and house wares. Everything is unique. I did want to try N strapless bra but have not yet. The Pure Allure looks great , can’t wait to get it.

  6. That’s strange, I have two 32DDD Natori bras – Sheer Jacquard Full Fit, Style 136059 – and I bought the second one last year. It’s a softly molded underwire and fits me as well as my Cleos and Curvy Kate Showgirls.

    • Darlene C. says:

      Huh! That is strange. Perhaps they’re simply offering more options and calling it + Support now? I checked the Natorie website for that style number and see that only the blue comes in 32DDD now.

  7. No way! I have been so sad that the Natori Feathers only goes up to UK 30E and it’s way too small on me. I was really hoping they would make larger cup sizes in 30 bands but they seem to only make bigger cups in 32+ bands. I used to wear the Feathers prior to my BA and am sad to be sized out so I’m happy that a full bust version is coming out!!!

    For the record, I think that bra’s band runs quite firm. The 30 fits like a tight 30 or loose 28 which is good for because I need a 28.

    • Darlene C. says:

      Thanks for the info on how the bands run. If you can fit one of these, a review from you will be so valuable, especially since you can speak to wearing the brand pre- and post-BA!

  8. Not really impressed by the size range – I hate that so many brand nowadays market themselves as full-bust, when they don’t even go up to G or GG. I would love to see someone review the new Natori range though but I think there are not that many bloggers anymore wearing D-FF cups. Or who would be 30+ band. Like Florence, most D-FF gals need a 28 band so this range doesn’t really help them either!

    • Darlene C. says:

      Sophie, I’m actually a 32FF these days, so I’m hoping for a chance to review them!

    • Darlene C. says:

      And I’m like you . . . I tend to tune out any brand that only goes to a G cup, much less a UK FF. If my friend hadn’t had that fitting experience and ended up with a Natori Feathers, I probably wouldn’t have been as excited. But now I’m excited that 30 and 32 backs are being more widely recognized by “mainstream” brands, and hopefully this means more women in the right bra size–or at least closer to it!

  9. This was one of the lines I was most excited to see because Natori makes such high quality, comfortable bras. They have been slowly climbing up our “Top Store Brands” list, mostly because they continue to increase the sizes available. We’re bringing in Pure Allure for sure because the original Feathers is such a hit, but there are some wonderful ones available. Kudos to Natori for expanding to include fuller-cups and bigger bands!

    • Darlene C. says:

      I was hoping you would weigh in, Erica. I’ve heard you speak highly of Natori loungewear in the past, but I was really curious to hear what you thought of their bras.