I felt so much better at this year’s CURVE Expo. Last year was my first time attending and I made a few mistakes, wandering around trying to find the J cups in the haystack.

This year I was prepared to focus on the brands that are now or may soon be J cup friendly and because I was accompanied by my Hourglassy team, I was confident I’d get things covered. Thankfully, I made sure to bring my digital camera and my cell phone to be sure I could get plenty of photos for y’all.

Today I’m going to focus on the three brands that currently have the selection and style I was most impressed with for J cup and up ladies. Overall I must admit that steady improvements are being made and that it’s important for us to keep looking out for those brands that are slowly coming up in the cup size department.  I’ll feature some of those brands next week.

Kris Line

I absolutely fell in love with Kris Line! Admitedly, they do not have as many options for us J plus ladies, but what they do have is gorgeous!  There is something about the attention to detail in the embroidery and softness of the lace that I haven’t experienced before in a bra that would actually fit me.  The most eye opening discovery was noticing that the bands supporting the embroidery at the top of their bras are all elastic!  This is life changing for me!  As I’ve discussed in past bra reviews, a stiff line of cloth anywhere near the top of the cup can render a bra completely useless to me.  The girls simply hate it and they go all “four boob” on me every time!

Soft elastic! No more quadraboob!
Soft elastic! No more quadraboob!

At Kris Line I also found a lovely Fortuna petticoat.  For women of our cup size it is beyond difficult to find sultry lingerie sets.  This is beyond beautiful.  I am not the best photographer but let me tell you that in person is a showstopper.  It has a matching robe, panties, garter and stockings. I will certainly be buying the entire set.

DSC02125 DSC02128 DSC02129 DSC02130

Curvy Kate

Curvy Kate has been a J cup woman’s friend for some years now. We actually had the pleasure of sitting down with its designer and I must say it was a pleasure.  On the Curvy Kate front, there is definitely good news for us because they have a strapless that will support a J cup coming soon. I’ll be on the lookout for that.  Their standard and perhaps most successful bra, the Daily Boost has been replaced by the Daily Dream.  I love that there is no side boning to poke you in these bras. As a whole, CK has certainly upped their panty game.  No more boring briefs.  This is apparent in what is my favorite of their new offerings, Ellace.  In the Ellace, they have hit the mark on youthful sophistication.  I mean, I want to look like a hot, grown woman, not a medium-warm, grown woman.  The lace is soft and supple with stretch in the top of the cup for us full on top ladies. Look for a picture of this bra here soon!


We all know of the love I have for Panache.  I mean how many possible times have you heard me mention my dedication to the Andorra?  Here I go mentioning it again because it will now be offered in this stunning Cerise.

Andorra in Cerise
Andorra in Cerise

While Im thinking of it, I must touch on something that stood out and that is the vamped up panties Panache is offering this time around.  I’m not just talking about giving us a thong or two or basic lace–I mean true attention to detail and sexiness in these designs.


My favorite find at Panache is set for release in October, the Georgia.  There is not one thing I could find that I didn’t love in this set.  This grey/dusty rose set goes up to a K cup! Yay us!!!

Soft, stretch lace enhanced by a touch of sheer rose makes this especially full-on top friendly
Soft, stretch lace enhanced by a touch of sheer rose makes this especially full-on-top friendly
Classy, elegant and sexy.  Not to mention the colors look amazing on darker skin.
Classy, elegant and sexy. Not to mention the colors look amazing on darker skin.

It was so hard for me to choose from all of the bras and panties I saw and wanted from Panache (the Jasmine, Envy, and Esmie come to mind).  They are sure to be my go to brand for years to come.

Stay tuned to reviews from the rest of the Hourglassy team on the many other examples of what we loved at CURVE this year.  There will certainly be J Cup and up selections included.  I’ll be back next week to finish up my reviews of CURVE2015.