Off the Rack ~ Overseas Shopping Is About to Get A Lot Easier

Super short post this week, but it’s a bit of very exciting news for any DD+ shoppers who want to buy bras and clothes from foreign countries that don’t share the same language.

Quick intro for those not familiar with the program Skype: It’s a service that lets you make calls (with or without video) over the internet. You can call other Skype members anywhere in the world for free, or call phone lines for a very small price (like a few cents per minute depending on the country).

At this week’s Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, Skype announced and then demo’ed “real-time speech translation.” As you hold a conversation with another person, Skype will translate it into both spoken words and readable captions. As long as the person you’re calling has Skype, you can speak to anyone in any language, and it will translate your voice into their language and your voice into their language.

Here’s an article with more details:

Do you realize what this means?? The struggle of using wonky Google translations and waiting days or weeks for an email response when ordering overseas could be a thing of the past! Imagine being able to call Comexim or Ewa Michalak (or any random foreign company) and get fit advice on the spot.

Supposedly this feature will be available in beta form later this year! It’ll start with just Windows computers, but the plan is to expand to Macs and all mobile devices.

Here’s a video from the conference. The demo starts at the 3-minute mark, and it works remarkably well:

Best Breasts Forward ~ Are they here to stay? The Sequel

I had the opportunity to speak to 10 large-busted runners after my half marathon, and 15 Hourglassy readers shared your experiences with bust size in relation to weight loss.  I was actually surprised that the majority of the women who joined in the discussion did not lose any, or only a very small amount of, cup size when they lost weight. I thought that I was one of the few, not the many.  Once again I’ve found comfort in our busty sisterhood.

I love my readers!  I can always count on y’all to come through for me whenever I ask for input.  One thing I’ve noticed is that there is something missing from my sports bra/weight loss posts.  I’m primarily a runner, and although I do weight train on occasion (not as much as I should), that’s the extent of my current fitness routine.  It would be great to get a wider range of experiences.  It’d be interesting to learn how having a larger bust size affects swimmers, bikers, those of us that ride horses or those that do Crossfit.  I know that you all have a depth of knowledge to share.  Who knows? You may inspire others to try a new activity.

While we are on the subject of trying new things, I’m happy to report that Hourglassy has made contact with Carol Hartley, the dancer in the third Big Ballet photo that Darlene posted yesterday.  This is a wonderful opportunity for us to get input from a large-busted dancer!  I will be interviewing her for an upcoming column and hope you will flood the comment section with anything you’d like me to ask her!

Going Big No Matter Our Size

Tonight the British reality show Big Ballet makes its stateside premiere on Ovation, and I so wish I had cable because aren’t these images absolutely enticing?

big ballet 5

big ballet 4

big ballet 1

There are dancers who wear DD+ bras in this show!

big ballet 2

You know how I feel about the bodies of professional ballet dancers, so I can’t wait for the opportunity to watch this.  For more on the story, you can read this WSJ article (but be warned if you watch the video–Tanya Rivero’s attitude is infuriating!) and this article from The Guardian.

Another story, this time about 18-year-old tennis player Taylor Townsend, is a great reminder that a woman’s natural size has nothing to do with her abilities and worth. Today, 205th-ranked Taylor Townsend has advanced to the third round of the French Open after beating the 20th-seeded player; but in 2012 she was benched from competing for a wild card into the U.S. Open because her coaches “wanted to improve her fitness, a code word for weight.” Imagine the devastation that Taylor must have felt. Today, her coach is Zina Garrison, who formerly ranked No. 3 worldwide and struggled with bulimia during her tennis career.  This is one reason she wanted to work with Townsend: “‘I didn’t want her to go through some of the same problems I had, and it seemed that it was heading that way.”

Taylor Townsend

There is a lot of lip service given to size acceptance, but it’s refreshing to see acceptance in action in these stories of women who are forging forward as themselves instead of forcing themselves to be anything less.

Time to Make a DD+ Jump into a Jumpsuit?

This Vince Camuto Wide-Leg Animal Print Jumpsuit surprised me in the dress department at Macy’s tonight.

Vince Camuto jumpsuit on a 34G

Jumpsuits have been at the back of my mind since reading “8 Rules for Dressing a Large Bust You Should Seriously Never Follow“.

8. The rule: Jumpsuits are never going to fit properly and will make you look top-heavy. 

The reality: Rompers (and jumpsuits) are one of the most flattering and easy-to-wear silhouettes for women with large chests — they are a little blousy on top without looking sloppy, and the slight looseness on the bottom is great for balancing out the larger top. Color-blocking on top with a cropped jacket in a contrasting color, worn open, also helps make a larger chest appear smaller, the same way dark panels on the sides of a dress can make your waist appear narrower.

With this in mind, I do like the blousy-ness on top, and I think the trouser split is a nice change from all the fabric at the bottom of a maxi dress. Here’s what else I like about this Vince Camuto jumpsuit:

  • colors that could be matched with a variety of jackets, cardigans and wraps
  • the print helps to disguise the strum-strum factor (where the arrow is pointing in the photo on the right)
  • princess seams (the purple lines in the photo on the right), together with a knit fabric, make enough room for a large bust
  • it has pockets!

The only bad thing? The fit on the bottom. This is a size small, and I could easily hem it, but the crotch is drooping halfway down my thigh. A medium would probably fit better on top, but then where would the crotch be?

If you are tall and/or have a long rise, then you should definitely look into jersey jumpsuits.  I’m finding them with a variety of tops that look very promising for busty figures. For instance, I love this sleek blue surplice-topped jumpsuit, also from Vince Camuto, even though it would probably require a cami to keep you from looking like Amy Adams in American Hustle.

vince camuto vneck jumpsuitThere’s also this flutter-sleeve cowl neck on Overstock, although I think this is almost–but not quite–too much fabric. My theory is that for jumpsuits to work with full busts, we have to be careful that they don’t overwhelm us.


grace flutter sleeve jumpsuit

If you’re short and/or have a short rise, like me, then it’s going to be more challenging to find a jumpsuit that fits. If I find one, I’ll let you know.

How about you? Have you tried a jumpsuit recently?