Corporate Curves Report: Making It Work – Esprit Knitted dress

So it’s time for the last post of this busy, busy year. Unfortunately my job keeps me so busy that blogging has been difficult at times and stress really started wearing me out towards the end of the year. What kept me going was knowing that I’ll have two weeks off from work during the holiday season.

This is the start of the second week off and after a relaxing Christmas  and lots and lots of sleep and lots of cooking, I’m starting to feel like myself again. Cooking is something I love because working in the technology industry, it’s rare to have a job that creates visible, tangible results, but in the kitchen I can see, smell and taste what I’m creating!

Ok, but enough of the stress ramble and on to this week’s Esprit dress review. I bought this dress while I was Christmas shopping for others. I loved the color, the fact that it had sleeves, and it’s warm and wintery. I only quickly tried it on, and it did fit in general. Then when I first put it on with tights I realized it was too short even for my taste so only wear it with leggings or slim fit jeans.

Esprit knitted dress with shoulder zip detail.

Esprit knitted dress with shoulder zip detail. The yarn used is pink / white / silver making it a little more interesting.

But still it did not look right. Somehow just one pink blob of color all over. So I added the busty girl accessory number one: the belt.

Esprit knit dress with a belt.

Esprit knit dress with a belt.

Better, but now it looked so very busty with the high neckline. So I added busty girl accessory number two: the necklace.

Esprit knitted dress with accessories.

Esprit knitted dress with accessories.

Now I was finally happy with my snap decision purchase! I used to really hate pink, but then when I had to wear a pink top to a work event some years ago, I realized how  it suited my coloring–not the pale shades but the stronger ones. So learned to never say never!

If I had posted last week, I would’ve introduced my new Marimekko apron. I got one as a pre-Christmas present and am so pleased with it. It has buttons for adjusting the neck strap which is great for a full-bosomed woman.


Happy Christmas cooking in my Marimekko apron.

Hope everyone has had a happy year and has a great start to 2014 !!!

You’ll be seeing bi-weekly posts from me in the new year, as my project schedule is more hectic than ever.

Happy Holiday Week(s)!

So you probably noticed that we started taking our break last week. We’re already hibernating for the holidays, but look for us to come back in full force after the first. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Mia, and

P.S. There’s always a chance we’ll have something to write about that just can’t wait, so check in every now and then.

Are You Dense? Why It’s a Good Idea to Know Your Breast Tissue

Today’s schedule included a medical checkup that involved a Propofol-induced nap this afternoon. I had planned to cut shirts afterwards–until I realized that handling a rotary blade in my groggy state was a bad idea. It’s also probably a bad idea to write a blog post in this state, but the doctor’s office reminded me of the mammogram I had earlier this month, and I have to tell you about it.

The mammogram itself wasn’t that remarkable (except I noticed once again that large-breasted women probably have an easier time positioning their breasts between the two plates). What was remarkable was the ultrasound that followed.

It turns out that I have dense breast tissue. The good news about dense tissue is less sagging. The bad news is that if there’s any breast cancer, it may not show up in a mammogram. According to the Imaginis women’s health site, “As a woman ages, her breasts become less dense and the space is filled with fatty tissue shown as dark areas on mammography x-rays. It is usually easier for radiologists to detect breast cancer in older women because abnormal [white] areas are easier to spot.”

dense breast comparison

These images come from the NYT article that I link to at the very end of this post.

Although a mammogram may not be effective for catching masses in dense breasts, it is good for one thing: identifying dense breasts. Simply pressing your breasts with your fingers won’t reveal whether you have dense breasts.

Because of my dense breasts, I had an ultrasound immediately after the mammogram. It was fascinating to see the interior of my breasts live on the computer screen. They looked exactly like the image on the left, but since I hadn’t researched this issue ahead of time, when I saw so much white, I assumed the dark spots were the potential problem areas!

Now that I understand what “dense breast tissue” means, I’m less worried about what I saw, and I wasn’t surprised to hear that my mammogram didn’t reveal any issues. However, if I didn’t realize that I have dense breasts, I might have a very false sense of security from my mammogram. I’m very thankful to live in one of the states that require notification to women who have dense breast tissue, but I’m troubled that it’s even an issue as to whether women should be notified if they have dense breasts!




Miscellaneous Musings . . . An Hourglass Shape via Shoulders or Corsets

Please send get well wishes to Tina! Corporate Curves is taking a sick day today. In its place, here are two images that caught my eye over the weekend.

First, I’m sure you know why this Wolford Como top caught my eye–the scoop neck and elbow sleeves are my two favorite ways to dress my full-busted body shape.  However, I was also struck by how far the model’s shoulders extend past the shoulder seams. This is an excellent example of how shoulders–and not the bust–can give a woman an hourglass shape.

wolford scoop neck for big busts

When I think of an hourglass shape, I think of corsets, which is why this second image caught my eye. It’s a screenshot from Season 1, Episode 7 of The Paradise, so please forgive the blurriness.

paradise corset

The character Pauline is pretty petite everywhere, including her bust, so I was struck by the corset “carveout” for her breasts. I know nothing about corset construction, but I’m accustomed to corsets looking squashy at the bosom, so I love the idea of a corset that builds around the bust. It turns out that gussets are our friends.

Here are two more images from my subsequent search for “corset gussets”.  The first comes from a blog post discussing whether “gore” or “gusset” is the right term. All I know is that I’d like a denim corset with boob room like this!


Next up is this beauty from the 1820’s. Imagine the lift!

Meg Andrews corset