Full Coverage Reading Roundup for D Cups and Up

There’s something for everyone in this week’s roundup.

Panache Page Swimsuit Reviews

I love the idea of this swimsuit, so it made me happy to read reviews by two different bloggers, Undressed to Impress and Drรƒยผber & Drunter. Neither plans to keep the suit, but they made me want to try it for myself.

The Bra Band Project

If you’ve been traveling the large bust blogosphere for the last couple of weeks, then you know about the much needed Bra Band Project begun by Braless in Brasil, Bras I Hate, By Baby’s Rules, Boosaurus and Stackdd. If you’ve missed the news, click on any of the links in the previous sentence to learn more.

How necessary is this project? In conversations with lingerie store owners, I like to ask their thoughts on the subject of 30- bands. In the past week, two very pleasant and extremely knowledgeable lingerie store owners have told me:

  1. “We may have women who need a 28A, B or C, but not a 28D or higher,” and
  2. “They only think that’s what they are. A 28 is way too tight.”

These are fitters who genuinely care about their customers. They’re not the infamous Bully Bra Fitters that each of us has encountered, and they’re not the clueless newbies. They’ve fit thousands of women, and their customers love them. They simply need persuasive evidence of the need for 30-/D+ sizes.

The Brand Band Project is a way to present anecdotal and statistical evidence that women with 30- bands and D+ cups exist in enough numbers to justify manufacturers and retailers offering more of such sizes. On the flip side, a lack of participation could lead to reinforcement of the status quo. If you have an underbust measurement of 30″ or below and a cup size of D or higher, get involved! Also check out June’s latest post about other ways to make a difference as an individual.

Comfort Bras for D Cups and Up

Finally, Bra Nightmares has joined the search for the perfect comfort bra. I already mentioned Curvy Wordy’s quest for this Holy Grail, and I hope neither woman gives up until she finds it–for herself and us. Curvy Wordy’s past reviews give great criteria by which to judge the soft cup bras (Triumph Doreen, Emma Jane, Panache Sophie, Royce sports bra and others).

By the way, a 34G friend LOVES her Sleep Top, so this might be worth a try even though it doesn’t go beyond an F cup. It even comes in a chemise or gown. Bare Necessities also carries the tops.

A New Clothing Company Recognizes D Cups

I’m super interested in Quincy Apparel, a new clothing line that I discovered through this article. Even though they only go up to a D cup, this is a giant advance from all the jackets we’ve had to squeeze into that were created on B cup fit models. This is more evidence of the long tail in clothing sizes, and I wish them success for all our sakes.

Contests and Giveaways

Undercover Lingerista is celebrating her blog’s first birthday with a contest that any Hourglassy reader will find easy to enter:ร‚ย  write about “The Bra that Changed My Life“! You have until April 30, and she has a ton of great prizes.

Also get ready for The Great Invest in Your Chest Easter Egg Hunt that begins on April 8!



  1. Thanks for linking my blog, I’m so flattered! <3 CurvyWordy has done such an amazing job reviewing all those soft cup bras, but it just makes me so sad that she hasn't found the one yet even after trying on so many…

    I'm hoping this is a thing bra companies will finally realize: us big busted women have to wear pretty tight and sturdy bras all day long to keep our breasts supported. Something comfy on a Sunday would be just the thing so many of us need – a compromise between a sturdy bra and going braless.

  2. Thanks for bringing up the bra band project!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Ugh, to the fitters. If I make it to NYC anytime soon you’ll have to take me bra shopping and I can prove in person that 28 bands (who wear WELL above a D cup!!!!) do exist! ๐Ÿ˜€

    BTW, currently I’m wearing a 28HH in Curvy Kate. It’s about a cup size too small and I can fit my entire hand behind the back… Just saying. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Wow, thanks so much for another mention ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m incredibly flattered. Like Bra Nightmares said, we need bra manufacturers to realise that there is a considerable market out there for comfortable, large cup soft bras so here’s hoping they’ll sit up and take notice sometime very soon! xx

    • Darlene C. says:

      Your photos and descriptions have been extremely helpful. I’m now realizing how often I run into the wide wire problem.

  4. The amount of misinformation out there is scary! With a 30DD bra, my back rides up and my definitely-over-D boobs are squashed. I’m still looking for the right fit, but I suspect even a 28 band might be too small for my 26″ rib cage!