Buxom Blazer Find, a Good Alterations Experiment, or Just an Excuse to Use my New Camera?

I bought this Sony Cyber-shot HX9V at Costco on Friday, and I haven’t had anything to take a picture of for Hourglassy since!  So I stopped by Talbot’s on my way home tonight and found this jacket.  Is it a keeper?  I list the pros and cons after the second photo.


  • a really pretty greenish color with flecks of brown and grey, so it’s versatile and looks great with my eyes
  • down to $75 from $159; makes the cost of alterations less painful
  • one button closure beneath the bust line
  • seams everywhere lend themselves to being taken in at the sides and in the back
  • good excuse to try the new seamstress I’ve discovered near our house


  • alterations will be e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e . . . look how long those arms are!
  • really warm and a tiny bit scratchy
  • too corporate looking?

I welcome your feedback.  And thanks for your indulgence with my new camera obsession!

Don’t Judge a Body by Its Cover, Best Gifts for the Full-Busted, and What to Cover Up with this Winter

I’m cheating a little bit today and sending you to three different sites:

1.  The Campbell & Kate blog where I comment on a common issue faced by those of us with small bands and large busts.  My post was prompted by a reaction to this photo that I included in the Campbell & Kate newsletter last week.

2. The Full-Busted Holiday Gift Guide over at The Full Figured Chest.  I don’t know about you, but #2 on her gift list is at the top of my wish list!  Knowing that a 36G already owns and loves this piece makes me want it even more.

3. Finally, the search for a great winter coat never ends, does it? Sarah over at Stackdd (formerly guest poster Sadie here at Hourglassy) has braved the dressing rooms to find some great coats and create a helpful list of styles and features to look for.  Her Part 2 has so many great looks that I can’t even choose a favorite photo to post here.  Sadly, as I reported last year, Mackage only goes up to a 40″ bust or I wouldn’t be writing this blog right now–I’d be standing at the cash register at Bloomingdale’s, credit card in hand, ready to make a Mackage coat my own.

Off the Rack ~ Happy Thanksgiving!

Growing up, my family used to make us go around the table and say what we were thankful for during Thanksgiving dinner. By now, of course, we’ve all grown cynical and jaded, so that tradition is pretty much gone. But I think it’s about time I resurrect it. So this year, I am thankful for…my boobs!

Thank you, boobs, for making me feel womanly and sexy no matter how frumpy I’m dressed.

Thank you, boobs, for making me feel unique and special…I do wear a “specialty” bra size, after all.

Thank you, boobs, for all the free drinks.

Thank you, boobs, for the extra boost of confidence.

Thank you, boobs, for filling out cute pinup-style dresses.

Thank you, boobs, for letting me cut my hair as short as I want without ever being mistaken for a boy.

Thank you, boobs, for balancing out my hips.

Thank you, boobs, for helping me snag a lovely boyfriend who enjoys curves (though maybe some credit is due my personality too?).

Big boobs are great! What’s not to love?

What are you thankful for?

(Image courtesy GirlsWithSlingshots.com, copyright Danielle Corsetto)

Full Cups with Full Hearts–How Can We Help Others?

Look at this fabulous photo that I found while researching cameras yesterday. It’s a wonderful example of a woman who combines two passions:  photography and rescue cats.  Lori Grunin reviews cameras for CNet and has been a photographer for 40 years, but “the stat she’s proudest of is the approximately 5,000 photos she’s taken of cats (and some dogs) for the animal rescue where she volunteers”.

Many times after I tell  someone about what I do, they exclaim, “You should partner with a breast cancer organization!”  Logically, it would be a perfect fit because of my focus on women’s breasts, but emotionally, I’m more passionate about two other causes: [Read more…]