Internet Treasure Hunt

Don’t you love when you start clicking links and discover new treasures on the internet? That’s what happened last night when I clicked a tweet from the Polish blog Stanikomania (“Bra Mania” in English, thanks to Google Translator). See a bra for the summer, a new clothing company and a super helpful forum that I found after the jump.

1. Here’s a possible solution to the sweaty summer months ahead: the Cotton Cool balconette by Faubourg 183 is 65% cotton and goes up to an H, and the Buds and Roses balconette is 86% cotton and goes up to a GG. I love the gingham lace trim on Buds and Roses!

2. And you have to check out BiuBiu, a Polish company that designs and manufactures clothing for large-breasted but not full-figured women. You can find an English translation of an interview with the company’s founder here. I have no idea how the sizing works or what the exchange rate is, but let’s keep an eye on BiuBiu and hope she makes it easier soon for Americans to buy her clothes.

3. Finally, Thirty-Two D is a moderated forum with 419 members that has been in existence since 2006. I’ve just joined and can’t wait to participate. I think you’ll find the like-minded (and like-bosomed) perspectives refreshing!


  1. bfcidade says:

    BiuBiu is soon going to have its website in English (as well as German and Czech) – the owner is saying she's just waiting for final touches and approval, and then everybody will be able to shop and pay with cards (and possibly with PayPal too) – at the moment it's a transfer… The prices are really friendly – short-sleeved tops are between 20-25 dollars, shirts are about 30 bucks and dresses between 36-43bucks (current exchange rate which is more or ess 3pln to 1 dollar), the sizing – these are "normal" european clothes sizes (40=american 8(more or less)) with additional space for boobs – the amount of B letters describe how much exactly – if you are slightly curvy it's one B, very curvy – double B, super survy – triple D…

  2. Darlene C. says:

    Thanks so much for these details. Also, I really like your blog.