Can We Go Braless in a Shapewear Camisole?

I’ll let you be the judge. Before I reveal what I’m wearing under my T-shirt in the three pictures below, take a look and see what you think. Do they all pretty much look the same to you, or is one better than the others? My analysis comes after the jump.



Here’s what I wore in each picture:

A. TC Firm Control Camisole
B. Panache Superbra Molded T-shirt Bra
C. Miraclesuit Camisole

And here’s what I think of each:

A. TC Firm Control Camisole

  • “TC” stands for Total Comfort, and it really is comfortable. It didn’t feel like shapewear at all, but it did smooth out some of the bulges in my back.

  • I videotaped myself jumping up and down in each undergarment, and surprisingly, the bounce factor was the same in both the TC and the bra. It’s not a sports bra, but there is adequate support.

  • The negative is pretty clear from the photo: there is no real lift. I would supplement it with the Bring It Up Instant Breast Lifts that I wrote about here and here.
  • I wore the size 40 in a regular, not plus, size. The shelf bra fit completely over my breasts.
  • It has adjustable straps.

B. Panache Superbra Molded T-shirt Bra

  • Of the three, I think this offers the best profile. But it’s not shapewear.  [June 7, 2011 Note:  What was I thinking?  I now think this profile looks enormous and that my profile looks smaller in the Miraclesuit.]

  • Next week, read about why I will avoid wearing this Panache at all costs in the future.

C. Miraclesuit Camisole

  • This was the least comfortable. I was very aware of the paneling that held me in.

  • It was the most supportive. It was actually less bouncy than the Panache.
  • The profile seems a little pointy to me, but otherwise not too bad.
  • The fabric in back folded a bit. I was surprised that it doesn’t have adjustable straps.


I didn’t buy either camisole because I don’t need one right now. If I do, I’ll probably buy the TC Camisole because it’s comfortable and does it’s shaping job, but I’ll use Instant Breast Lifts with it.

More Cleavage Control

At last week’s shirt fitting, my fit model Amy Wine introduced the rest of us to the American Apparel Tube Bra that she uses for cleavage control. It comes in a ton of colors, many on sale now for only $11. Amy, a musician*, also likes to wear the Tube Bra over her regular bra and under a sheer lacy blouse.

The Tube Bra reminds me of the Miss Oops Boob Tube that I mentioned in January 09, except the Miss Oops version is $25 and has no ruching. I haven’t tried it to know if it’s worth the more expensive price, but let me know if you can compare.

See two more options after the jump. And look for my review of the Total Comfort and Miraclesuit camisoles tomorrow, both of which can be worn without a bra.

Interestingly, the Chic Peeks option that I mentioned in 2009 seems to have disappeared, but you can find something similar at She even offers bridal fabric and rhinestone versions.

Finally, there’s the Winkee [link no longer available]. I’m liking the pictures of real women wearing the product on the website. They don’t offer as many colors as American Apparel or Cleavage Coverups, but they do offer leopard! And how can you resist this quote: “Go from boardroom to bodacious . . . without changing clothes!”

*Amy (not her real name) has an Amy Winehouse singing style–hence my calling her “Amy Wine”!

Business Briefing

Tomorrow my three fit models and I meet for the third–and hopefully final–time with my pattern maker. We’ve made a lot of improvements to the shirt. Once my sample yardage arrives (it should be any day), I’ll have samples made to determine which sewing contractor to use. Things are coming together! (Nothing after the jump.)

Good Necklace Experiment

Last week as I got ready for a networking lunch in this outfit, I realized it needed something else.

Fortunately, I remembered my blog post about necklaces from the week before and this great coral necklace that my former secretary gave me for Christmas. Here’s the result:

I like how it draws the eye up from my bust line and has a slimming effect. This necklace isn’t going to spend so much time in the jewelry box after this. (By the way, this tee shirt is by Grace Elements. I found it at Syms, but they were out of my size when I went back to pick up a second one. I like the sleeve length, the portrait neckline, the super soft fabric, and the fact that the front panel is double-layered. I almost didn’t buy it because it’s safe, boring black, but now that I can liven it up with necklaces, I’m glad I did.)

Look for Sadie to post about her antique necklaces next week. After the jump, you can see the jacket I used to complete this outfit.

I picked this Kate Hill jacket up from Lord & Tailor for only $85. It adds a more tailored element, and the white brightens things up. The big hooks almost fasten without any bulging. If my back were a little slimmer, it’d be fine. Since I wear it un-hooked, however, the side profile is enormous. See the bottom picture. I visit my tailor tomorrow to see what she can do to fix this. I’ll let you know!