Business Briefing

Sorry for posting two business briefings in a row, but I am now extremely focused on my business plan. I’ve figured out how many shirts I need to sell at different price points in order to break even, and I’m adding the bios of the people who have agreed to serve on my advisory committee. I can’t believe how lucky I am. The people on my advisory committee are extremely smart, and their experiences are so complementary.

Guess what? Elena Kaspi, the best coach in the world, gave my name to a reporter who wants to interview me for a piece about lawyers who are using the weak job market to pursue their passions. If you’ve met me, you know I can be a little garrulous, so I’m hoping I won’t say anything I will regret later. We meet tonight! (Nothing after the jump.)

Business Plan Deadline

This is how I will feel when I turn in my business plan tonight at our final Boot Camp session. Of course I tried to fit in too many other things this past week, so I’m scrambling to have something ready and will spend the rest of the week perfecting it for the competition deadline next Tuesday.

And this is a gratuitous picture of a gaping shirt. Considering the position of her arms, it’s actually not too bad. But I’m jealous of the guy’s shirt–no gaps whatsoever and a tie to hide them if there were. Of course, his body is much less interesting. (Nothing after the jump.)

Zippers, Bustlines and Necklines

I’m close to finalizing my decision for a fit model but am checking a few more measurements. Last week, my friend Marketa agreed to let me take her measurements in the dress department of a nearby department store. There were so many beautiful dresses that we tried on a few after taking measurements.

What I noticed is that a zipper on the side increases the likelihood that a dress won’t fit a large-breasted woman. Marketa, a 34F, fell in love with this dress, but once zipped, it gave her four breasts. Such a shame because it fit perfectly everywhere else.

This knit dress fit Marketa perfectly–no zipper, and the neckline is just right. We couldn’t figure out what to do with the loose piece you see around M’s neck. It wasn’t on sale enough to justify making alterations, so we put it back on the rack.

This dress looked so cute on the hanger, but it was all boob on me. Yes, it’s tight. I couldn’t actually get the zipper all the way up, but if I could have, are there any changes that would make this dress wearable by a large-breasted woman?

Justification and My Favorite Jackets

Here are the two reasons I plan to buy a jacket from Maria Ficalora:

1. Darcey Howard said it was okay. My favorite piece of advice from her at last October’s workshop was to once in a while, just go for the amazing. Instead of beginning with need, then availability, then cost, don’t even look at the price tag. Just try something on that catches your eye, and if it makes you look fabulous, buy it. The great thing about Maria’s jackets is that I actually do need one.

By the way, Darcey is offering another workshop on April 20 called “Black is not a Color – Branding Workshop for Service Professionals.” You can find more info here.

2. Christina Binkley’s article about her St. John suit. I’ve wanted such a suit ever since I read her article in 2008. (I’ve also wanted an Armani suit ever since my friend Lucy showed up for lunch one day in the Armani she’d found on sale at an outlet mall. It gave her a major presence.) The problem is, I haven’t liked the St. John suits I’ve seen in stores enough to spend the money. Maria’s suits remind me of St. John knits with two major exceptions: (a) I like so many of them that I’d have a hard time deciding on just one, and (b) Maria sells them directly instead of through a retail outlet, resulting in a much lower price.

I post my favorites after the jump.

I adore this jacket. Especially the color.

I love the lines of this jacket.

I wish I could wear this orange. By the way, the woman wearing this jacket and the one above wears a 34DD bra.

Here’s Maria standing in front of just a part of her collection.