Picked up the Graded Samples Yesterday!

After a comedy of errors (the sample maker needed a yard of extra fabric because she made an extra size 10 that I hadn’t requested; the extra fabric arrived but sat at the private mailbox place for 3 days because they put the wrong box number on it so they kept telling me it hadn’t arrived), my samples were finally ready to pick up yesterday.

The verdict? Eh. I can’t see paying my asking price for this fabric. Even worse, there was a little pulling when I tried on sizes 12 and 14 just now.

I am excited, however, about contacting the women I’ve met who have said they would be willing to fit test my samples. Somehow I’ll get to the bottom of how to create the button-front shirt I want to wear. If you’re a D-DDD cup and a size 4-14, please email me if you would like to be part of my fit-testing team!

Talk, Food and Clothes–Three of My Favorite Things this Thursday Night

If there were any extra room, I would call this posting an invitation, but we’re already at capacity. If you read more below and want to be part of future events like it, however, please email me.

My friend Nancy (she’s just started a new blog here) and I have organized a networking event with Jamak Khazra, the Bluesuits designer I admire so much and have written about before. She’ll discuss personal branding while she gives wardrobe makeovers to volunteers 25 to 50 and up. I’m really looking forward to hearing what she has to say and will be sure to fill you in on what I learn.

She won’t only talk about the corporate look, but also about what works in a casual environment.

Pros & Cons of Buying Up

Here are the positives and negatives I’ve come up with for whether to buy new bras to fit my recent weight gain:

+ New bras are more comfortable, which means being more productive.

– New bras are more comfortable, which means forgetting that I need to lose weight.

+ My sisters love my hand-me-downs whether I’m going up and down the scale.

– New bras are expensive.

+ New bras are expensive but foundational to everything else.

+ It’s time to buy new bras anyway. Over six months have passed since my last purchase, and it should take at least six months to lose all the weight after a new purchase.

You can tell where I’m leaning, can’t you? In fact, I purchased 1 black and 2 beige Chantelles last Thursday at Bra Smyth. But there’s still time for me to return them if you want to “weigh in” (ha ha!).

Tried Edith Lances Yesterday

Eh. They’re not as pretty in person (or on) as they are in the catalog pictures. One interesting feature: the underwire stops just at the bottom corner of the “U”, so it doesn’t go all the way up the side. I can see how this could be more comfortable. Another feature: the fabric wasn’t stretchy at all, so it really holds you in. I’m a fan of minimizers when necessary, but I thought the profile for this one looked strange.

Since I had already seen the Bra Smyth store on the Upper West Side the day before, I decided to try the flagship Bra Smyth store on Madison Avenue yesterday. Collette, my saleswoman, was lovely. After rejecting the Edith Lances bras, she put me in some good Chantelles–one everyday and one sheer lace that had just arrived. The picture below doesn’t do the lace bra justice, except you can see the tulle detail on the straps and the ruching at the side. The one I tried was black with steel blue satin straps and bow. I managed to resist this bra because the seam showed through the woven shirt I was wearing, but it’s on my wish list.
I also fell in love with two gorgeous Aubades that I saw at Bra Smyth. I would have posted them here, but after going to the Aubade site itself, I’ve found even more beautiful sets that I want to own. I should just create a collage of them for a post sometime.

The Bra Smyth experience itself was very pleasant. Collete was frank, really listened, and put no pressure on me to purchase the more expensive lace bras. For someone who has worked with many bra fitters, I found the process very efficient. I’d be curious to hear how someone new to being fitted finds it.