Survey Results

Regarding underwear purchases, the three of us who voted said we have not changed our purchase habits since September. This goes along with a tweet I received from Jamak last week: “Heard on CNBC: There is a waiting list for Hermes Birkin Bag. That and lingerie seem to be recession proof.”

Regarding the choice between a luxury car or a luxury watch, exactly half of us voted for the car, and the other half for the watch. I wish I knew the voters’ reasoning!

You’ve Got to Try This

After a weekend like mine–houseguest from London, cleaning out a garage, driving to NJ to watch a baseball game, preparing for and hostessing a vision board party–you’d think I’d be exhausted. I am, but only physically. Mentally, I’m charged up and ready to go.

See the woman in the center of my board above? That’s you, pleased with how great you look in a Red Violet shirt. Yes, the model is a B cup in a cardigan advertising Alli weight loss, but her expression captures the pleasure and confidence I want to give my customers.

If you’re feeling scattered, bored or blocked, then you’ve got to try a Vision Board. Even if you’re feeling great, you should try it. I benefited from the enthusiasm of 7 other friends sitting in my garden, cutting, pasting and sharing, but I would have been energized just by creating a board alone in my office. As Jill Lauri assured us, there’s no right or wrong way to go about this. She was a great help in getting us started, however. You may be surprised, as I was, at some of the things you realize you want.

Not the Only One

There’s an MTV True Life episode out there called “I Don’t Like My Large Breasts”. I just caught the last few minutes of it the other night, but I’ll report back once I purchase and watch the entire episode. In the meantime, check out Jezebel for the 85 comments it generated there.

I used to dislike my large breasts, but I’ve grown much more accepting of them. However, when I made the comment last Friday that a shrug doesn’t work on a buxom woman because it only acts as a frame for her breasts, I wondered how accepting I really am. What’s actually wrong with highlighting this asset, especially in a non-work context? Generally, I think there are two camps out there: the Highlighters and the Hiders. I tend to be a Hider. In high school, I inherited a scoop-neck, close-fitting tee from one of my sisters that I looked fabulous in. I think I only wore it out the door once. I wish I had that shirt now. As for the other camp, I’ve seen some amazing Highlighters trying dresses on ahead of me as I wait in line for a Macy’s dressing room.

Sometimes the best thing for our confidence is realizing that we are not alone. I told you Monday that I was looking forward to more inspiration from my hair salon on Tuesday, and I got it from my stylist Sheila. Sheila is beautiful–tall, with a Mona Lisa look and a flawless complexion. She wears either a 36 or 38 F or G bra and is a size 12 everywhere else. Sheila is very happy with her body and very unhappy with the stores where she shops. She was actually surprised to hear that I’ve met other women in her size. When stores don’t make clothes to fit our bodies, we tend to think we’re the only one out there with that body! She can’t wait to try my shirt when it’s ready for her, and I can’t wait to have one ready for her.

Somebody Stop Me!

I love going to Staples, and my Vision Board Party gave me the perfect reason to shop there yesterday. I was drooling in the aisles but finally tore myself away from the puffy, glittery markers and settled on poster board, construction paper, tempura paint (remember this from kindergarten?), water colors and paint brushes. I don’t know how I managed to hold myself back.

Unless Jill Lauri suggests otherwise, I plan to spend Sunday afternoon picturing Red Violet’s future. To that end, I almost purchased “Interior Design” magazine at Barnes & Noble today for a picture of the perfect office. I finally realized that spending $8 to cut out one picture was a little high, so I put it back on the shelf and decided to give iStockphoto a try.

I haven’t yet searched for the perfect office on iStockphoto, but I have found an image of business women collaborating, which I definitely want on my board. I’m not sure if it matters whether it’s all women or just a mixed group of colleagues. I just know I want an environment where people work together to create something great.

I’ve posted one picture that I found on iStockphoto after the jump. I couldn’t resist this perfect example of why I’m creating my shirts.