Freaked Out

When Andrea said she was wearing a balconette instead of her usual Wacoal minimizer last Thursday, I freaked out, and it wasn’t because of the balconette. It was because of the minimizer. How had I overlooked such a detail? I met Andrea at Linda’s last December for a fitting to confirm her bra size, and I had purchased the bra that she would wear to the fittings.

Andrea tried to reassure me that everyone wears a minimizer under a button-front shirt, but I wasn’t reassured. My goal is for a woman to be able to wear her best-fitting and most comfortable bra under a button-front shirt without having to conform her body to the shirt. Red Violet shirts should conform to a woman’s body, not the other way around.

Since I was near Linda’s this afternoon, I decided to stop in and face the truth. Danielle, the super helpful woman behind the counter, checked Andrea’s records on the computer: the bra I bought last December was . . . not a minimizer. I am SO relieved.

Love This Bra!

Of the three I tried at my Dirty Dolls Lingerie party on Sunday, the Peek-A-Boo Camisole bra was my favorite. It’s the answer to too much summer cleavage–no more sweating under that extra layer of a camisole or fiddling with adhesive. Add the Cha-Cha Cheeky Short, and you’ll look and feel adorable (I did)! Most boy shorts I’ve tried have just looked wrong. These, however, really hug my curves.
I also love the Smooth Her Tap Pants. You can’t tell from the picture on their website, but it’s all lace in back. Super sexy.

Courtney and Erica, the Dirty Dolls founders, have really paid attention to sizing. Yes, they have bra sizes from 30C to 44DDD, but they also size their panties and shapewear from 5 to 10. No catchall S, M and L here. Even their Thrilling Thong comes in 5-10. Compare that to Hanky Panky thongs, which only come in one size.

I wore my new Peek-A-Boo under my new too-low J. Crew T-shirt yesterday and loved it. There is a slight uni-boob effect, similar to what a sports bra can give you, but it doesn’t smash like a sports bra. Also, although it wasn’t as supportive as my everyday full-cup Wacoal, there wasn’t enough bounce to make me feel self-conscious. I know I’m going to get a lot of wear out of the Peek-A-Boo this summer.

In addition to adding larger cup sizes to the brassiere line, Courtney and Erica are planning to expand into bridal wear. This is good news for those of us who need great support under a low-backed dress. I wish the Dirty Dolls bridal line had been around last year!

I definitely recommend hosting a Dirty Dolls Lingerie party. We had a lot of fun on Sunday, and you couldn’t ask for more down-to-earth women to put you into something beautiful that fits. Especially important in this economy, they worked as readily with guests who could buy several items as they did with guests who couldn’t buy anything right now.

(In this picture, Courtney and Erica are each wearing the Peek-A-Boo under her dress. Until they told us, I thought the lace was a part of the dress.)

Love These Cookies!

The Dolly Bella cookies that I ordered for tomorrow’s party arrived yesterday. I tried a Cranberry Nut Square, which Yvonne describes on her website as “a combination of cranberry and pistachio in a melt-in-your-mouth shortbread cookie.” It really did melt in my mouth.

Yvonne is a perfectionist. When we had lunch on Monday, she told me how disappointed she is in the cheaper cranberries that she’s found in bulk because they just aren’t tart enough, so she’s going back to the more costly tart ones. The pistachios in her Cranberry Nut Square are amazing–nutty and crisp. I had to stop myself from reaching for another one. They’re 100 times better than Girl Scout Cookies.

I’m sad because I know there won’t be any leftover Cranberry Nut Squares after my party. I ordered a pound of the assorted cookies, which included eight each of the Butter Cookies, Seven Layers and Cranberry Nut Squares (Yvonne was waiting for an order of the ingredients for the Fig Swirls so couldn’t include them). I can’t tell you how the Butter Cookies or the Seven Layers taste because I’m saving them for my guests, but the Butter Cookies are so pretty.

I also ordered the mini traditional anise Pizzelle. My first impression was “eh”. Then the impact of the fresh ingredients hit me, and I kept reaching for more. These cookies are very fragile, so I justified reaching for seconds from the broken pieces.

I’m sending an order of the sturdier cookies to my mother for Mother’s Day on May 10 (sorry for spoiling the surprise, Mom!). I know she’ll love them with tea over a game of Scrabble with my dad. Since I’m ordering early enough, I’ll use priority shipping, which costs $4.50 and takes 1-2 weeks. I ordered my party cookies on Wednesday and paid $12.50 for them to arrive by Friday, which I think is reasonable. Now if I can just come up with another reason to order some more for myself!

Inspiration from a Hair Salon

I visited my hair salon for a double process on Tuesday. My salon was founded by Lorraine Massey, the author of “The Curly Girl Handbook.” I love her story. She was the only one in her family born with curly hair, and she struggled to straighten it all her life. Finally she gave up and figured out how to work with it. Even better, she shared her methods with everyone else.

Her passion became a hugely successful business. When I sit under the hairdryer there, I imagine what it must feel like to be her and to walk into a salon that is the physical manifestation of her dreams . . . the lighting just as she wants it, the bottles of product with names she came up with, everyone around her working towards the same goal of creating beautiful curls. It’s hugely invigorating.

Going to a place where everyone understands my hair is confidence-building. Thanks to Lorraine, I like the way my curls look now. You’ve probably guessed where this post is headed. Lorraine’s salon inspires me because I want to give full-breasted women the resources to like and work with their own bodies just as Lorraine has given me the resources to like and work with my curly hair.

If she could do it, so can I.