Searching for an H Cup Model (in a world that doesn’t believe in their existence)

(Bracketed notes and strike-throughs added March 19, 2012.)

I had such good luck finding Andrea [my original 34E fit model] through Craigslist that I thought I’d post an ad for an H-cup model. These responses made me smile:

“Hello, I saw your ad on craigslist, and I’m interested. The one thing I’m confused about is that you listed looking for an H cup? I’m hoping that that means B, since b is under h on the keyboard. If you meant H, then I am out of the running. If you meant B, I’m very interested.”

“I wondered when I saw the post–are you actually looking for a H cup or do you mean a B cup.”

“I may not ideally fit your measurements but I don’t know if a H Cup even exists ;).”

Needless to say, I’m still searching.

We large-breasted women get used to people’s surprise at our measurements. That’s why Bravissimo, Bratique Helene Carissa Rose (a company whose shirts I’ll be reviewing soon) and Red Violet Campbell & Kate are so important. By providing beautiful products that fit, we offer, at the very least, a path to self acceptance, and at our highest level, a path to self appreciation. Two stories I heard this past week made me realize this need more than ever.

First, there’s the manager of my original patternmaker. She asked if she could take a good look at Andrea because she had never seen anyone her size before. She also said that she has a friend who, when she was fitted for a bra recently, was told she was “sister size” and that she’s always telling that friend to lose some weight. It’s an uphill battle to self-acceptance when your own friends blame your breast size on what you eat.

The second story is a little sadder. In the restroom of my mother’s church in Florida a year or so ago, a woman I’ll call “Judy” complained that she could never find anything to fit her large bust. Even though she’s slim (or has a “darling figure”, as my mother would say), she was unhappy with her body. My mother called her this week to tell her about my blog, but Judy wasn’t interested because she has decided to get breast reduction surgery.

Stories like these make me want to move faster to fill this sizing niche. We full-breasted women don’t need to lose weight or have surgery to get beautiful bodies. We simply need clothing to fit the beautiful bodies we already have.

A Few Good Changes

Usually I don’t jump into anything unless I’ve had time to make the best possible plan, but if I did that with this blog, I’d never get started. So I’m learning as I go along. That’s why somewhere at the beginning of February you started seeing photos between paragraphs instead of only at the top of the posting–I finally figured out the “edit html” tab on Blogger.

You’ll also notice that I have added an email address to my profile: Please contact me if you are willing to be part of my upcoming focus groups. The first version of my shirt will be ready soon, and your opinions are essential to its success. You don’t have to live in New York to give your feedback. I can reach out to you by email and snail mail. Also, please use this email address to send questions or comments regarding my blog entries that you don’t feel like posting publicly.

This weekend, I figured out how to use the domain name, which you can now use to reach this site. I could barely remember the original address so I knew it couldn’t be easy for anyone else. Both addresses will continue to reach this blog, however, so no worries if the original blogspot address is in your favorites folder.

You may begin to see ads in the sidebar to this blog, as I’m considering using the Adsense feature from Google. I have been hesitant to do this because (a) Google chooses which ads to place based upon search terms on a blog, so I will have very little control over who advertises; and (b) I don’t want the blog’s content cluttered by advertisements. In reading other blogs with advertising, however, I realize that I’m rarely distracted by them, and, as one commenter pointed out on, advertisements even lend a sense of legitimacyto a blog. Of course, given the subject matter of this blog, it’d be just my luck that an ad for a gentlemen’s club appears. If that happens, goodbye to Adsense.

Finally, I’m going to begin experimenting with short surveys. I may not be able to draw meaningful conclusions from their results, but they’re a fun way to hear from you. Let me know if you have any questions you’d like me to ask my readers!

Business Briefing

Andrea and I had our first fitting this afternoon. There are some important fit details to correct, but overall, I’m very happy with the style, and I think you will be, too. Afterwards, Andrea (who is very glamorous) headed over to the tents of Fashion Week and I headed to Macy’s to see if I could return the bridesmaid dress from my best friend’s cancelled wedding.

The good news at Macy’s was that I have two more months to find my proof of purchase and return the dress. Even better, I finally talked to a saleswoman in the Macy’s lingerie department about my shirt idea. Every time I’ve visited that department, I’ve said I’ll come back when it’s less busy. Today, it wasn’t busy at all. I circled the floor three times looking for the right mix of professional and approachable before I found “Lucy” at the cash register. I could tell she knew her stuff by the way she advised a customer against a certain brand of non-underwire bras. When I gave her my card and told her what I wanted to accomplish, she actually thanked me for doing this! I’m really looking forward to taking her to lunch someday soon to talk more. This is important for the market research portion of my business plan.

I’ve been wanting to develop a relationship with another patternmaker, so after Macy’s, I met with Tina. After talking to her, I am even more excited about these shirts. She really seems to understand what I’m trying to do and how to get there. I’ll keep you posted!

The Drying Dilemma of Underwire Bras

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks avoiding my everyday underwires because it’s time to wash them again. The main deterrant has been forgetting which of the 3 different washes goes with which bra for my bra washing experiment. This morning, I finally looked it up.

Perhaps you, like me, have always wondered the best way to squeeze extra water from underwire bras before hanging them to dry. I’ve always been warned against wringing them out, but I confess that I cheat a little bit. I gather whatever I can at the end of the underwire and give it a little squeeze. Of course it’s still dripping wet afterwards, so my current solution is to wrap it in a towel like this: I keep going the length of the towel until it’s folded flat around the bra and then give it a couple of firm pats. If I’m in a hurry, I hang it to dry right away. If I have extra time, I’ll leave it in the towel a little while longer to soak up as much extra water as possible.

So far, this has been my best solution. My bras are dry when I need to wear them the next day. I haven’t risked washing them in the morning when I need to wear them that night, however.

Please share your techniques for drying underwires!